Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend with my many ‘last-minute’ posts.  I am organised, but in an organised chaos kind of way. Ask me where anything in my room is (apart from my concealer) and I could tell you its exact location. Admittedly, I do tend to leave things to the last minute, but I think that has more to do with the thrill I get when hunting down that perfect present- and succeeding.

Anyway Mother’s Day is four days away and that seems late enough to leave things, if I actually want anything delivered in time. So I’ve scoured the internet for the best new launches and products on offer for your mamma. I was hoping to sneak in some anti-aging serums that I really need to review, but apparently nobody wants to receive a gift officially labelling them as old; so I’m keeping things trouble-free with products that say ‘you’re cute I love you’, as opposed to, ‘f’ me your old! Have some wrinkle juice love.’

Body Shop British Rose Collection:

There’s nobody I trust more with my body than the Body Shop. Their bestselling body butters singlehandedly saw off my eczema when nothing else would; plus they’re an ethical beauty brand created by a British female entrepreneur and pioneer, what’s not to like?

I also think that they’re considered to be one of the best British exports and any recipient of a body shop gift will know that you care and shelled at a lot more than you would have at Boots.

One of the latest additions to the ever evolving Body Shop arsenal, is the British Rose range. Pretty, inoffensive and a range that any woman would love (unless she hates rose of course). The range features everything from an eye and cheek palette to an eau de toilette. If you’re a bambino or money’s tight (or like me you’re shelling out on a slap up meal and need something to pass across the table), then the British Rose Treats: featuring a shower gel, mini body butter and pouffe, is a bloody bargain for £6.

If you’re feeling pimped and really want to show your siblings up, I’d recommend the British Rose Deluxe Gift Collection featuring the: shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body essence and eau de toilette, all housed in a rather swanky striped hat box-esque gift box. It is £40 but perhaps you should see it as £10 per hour in labour?

body shop exfoliating gel body scrub british rose

And if like me you never like to feel left out, I’ll be treating myself to the British Rose Exfoliating Gel Scrub, a gel scrub hybrid infused with real british rose petals. I’m not sure I’ve seen a sexier looking scrub.


SMythson diaries

I’ve always been a fan of Smythson and if you’ve ever wandered into their Royal Exchange Store you’d understand why. It is a place of sophisticated serenity. It is kind of the anti-me. An ode to organisation, with diaries, notebooks and planners lining the walls. It is the woman we all hope to be and one your mum probably already is. I think it’s quite important to keep the physical notebook/diary alive and to be fair our parents are probably the only people that still use them, so sack off Rymans and treat your madre to a gorgeous gilt-edged diary, made from embossed calf leather and fastened with a Smythson-engraved gold clasp.

The Portobello Diary, £250, Smythson

If diaries aren’t really your thing, perhaps you need to up the cheese steaks and give her your heart. Yep. I think it’s quite fun to regress slightly on mother’s day and remind them that you’re still their little girl. You could hand make a card and sign it with your left hand, or perhaps a heart shaped leather keyring will be best received. Cute, but classy, see.

Smythson Panama Heart Keyring
Smythson Panama Heart Keyring, £55, Smythson 


Liz Earle:

Liz Earle Ceanse & Polish Cleanser Rose

I’ve been a huge fan of Liz Earle, since I first tried their Cleanse & Polish Cleanser. For Mother’s Day Liz Earle have gift-wrapped a selection of their best selling candles, scents and serums. They’ve also redesigned and reformulated their classic Hot Cloth Cleanser, infusing it with Damascan Rose & Cedrat and popping it into a wrappable tin, illustrated with pretty roses (really not sure what you’re going to get your mum if she hates hearts and roses lol). I’d definitely recommend going for this if she’s a fan, or the Handpicked Radiance Duo which also features their skin Instant Boost Skin Tonic, a soothing toner that I fricking love for the days I need a radiance boost. This may not sound as swanky as the others, but the packaging is always spot on and in Tiffany’s blue and her new face will have you laughing all the way to the tree come Christmas.

Have a good one.

Jamila x

Fortnum and Mason
The Body Shop UK


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