Introducing – Body Shop – Drops of Youth

If the essence of youth is wetness and wetness is the essence of moisture, then the Body Shop may well have cracked the code with their Drops of Youth range.

The collection, which consists of a selection of serums, sleep masks and moisturisers, aims to aid you in all of your skincare needs, whilst working to keep you looking young. We all know by now, that hydration is the key to keeping your skin supple. And for those of us that don’t drink half as much water as we should, a handy shortcut, is never a bad thing.

In their mission to keep us wrinkle free, Body Shops Drops of Youth range, aims to lock in moisture at every stage of our skincare regime.

The gel texture, which seems to be the common denominator across the collection is most definitely the secret ingredient that sets this apart from the extensive skincare offering available everywhere from H&M to Harrods. 

When it comes to my body, Body Shop body butters are at the top of my list, but in all honesty I’ve never really considered them for my facial skin care needs, until now.  

I’ve been using the range for three weeks now and it’s definitely held it’s own amongst the Liz Earles and Caudalies. Here are a few of my faves.

Youth Eye Concentrate

drops of youth eye concentrate

The Body Shop’s Youth Eye Concentrate is one of my favourites from the range. When I was a teen I never really understood the point of those metallic eye rollers, but recently I’ve really come to appreciate the cooling sensation on my tight and tired, over-worked eyes in the morning. The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate not only has one that is easy to pump product through, but a single swipe is like putting a piece of cucumber on your eyes. It really does work wonders- and the Edelweiss heavy concentrate has really helped in reducing puffiness long term. (My dark circles haven’t gone yet, but thankfully there’s concealer for that.) If you’re after a good de-puffer that will cool sleepy eyes in the morning, you have to try this.

Drops of Youth, Youth Eye Concentrate, £19, The Body Shop

Bouncy Sleeping Mask

body shop bouncy sleeping mask

The Body Shop’s Bouncy Sleeping Mask as with all of the range is enriched with edelweiss stem cells, to help fight the first signs of ageing.

Grown up and functional packaging, makes your want to remember to put a night cream on and I can imagine the jelly texture to be particularly cooling in the hot summer months.

What makes this night mask ‘bouncy’ and particularly unique, is the memory shape texture, which I presume aims to keep your skin from slipping away as you twist and turn throughout the night.

Sadly this memory foam for the face, does mean it is quite sticky and sits on the skin for a while, so I would suggest leaving it to absorb for at least five minutes before bed.

Drops of Youth, Bouncy Sleeping Mask, £24, The Body Shop


Drops of Youth wonderblur

Body Shop’s Wonderblur is a mattifying skin smoother, aiming to resurface skin and reduce pores. It comes in a handy plastic tube, which you can pop in your handbag to reduce shine throughout the day, or use before reapplying makeup after work.

It is extremely mattifying, which is ideal if you have oily or combination skin; and my skin was left feeling oil free and visibly smoother. With this in mind, I’d definitely recommend using it as a primer on the days you want to give your skin a break, or just forget to put one on. It is much more moisturising than many of the mattifying primers currently available on the high street. It’s also infused with edelweiss again, so you can be assured you’re putting some good onto your skin and not just layering it with silicone.

Drops of Youth, Wonderblur, £17, The Body Shop

Youth Cream

Drops of Youth cream body shopyouth cream bodyshop

Body Shop’s Youth Cream has to be one of the swankiest looking products in the range. It comes in a bottle green glass jar with a lid you can actually grip; which is so important, as I’m sure you too have faced the perils of sealing your moisturiser once it’s on your hands.

It boasts the same gel texture as the sleeping mask, but is nowhere near as sticky (which is kind of crucial when considering the early morning rush). It’s pretty impressive in how long it kept my skin hydrated for- and if you’re looking for a great all day moisturiser, that sinks into skin at super speed, this is definitely worth a try.

Drops of Youth, Youth Cream, £20, The Body Shop

Youth Concentrate

youth concentrate 2

The Drops of Youth Concentrate, is the Body Shop’s best-selling serum; and with one sold every 23 seconds, I’m not really surprised. It is my favourite item in the range (tied with the eye concentrate)

The concentrate is pretty unique in that it is part gel, part serum. Apply immediately after you’ve cleansed, to keep moisture locked in until bedtime.

The apothecary style jar with a pipette that makes sure you only get a few drops, makes application easy and foolproof, if you tend to over pump and squeeze like me.

It’s fast become my favourite thing to use before applying face oil at night.

Drops of Youth, Concentrate, £25, The Body Shop

All in all it’s a fantastic range with a clear goal that it achieves with smart and practical products. Here’s to keeping those wrinkles at bay.

Jamila x

The Body Shop UK


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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