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The having of showers is, let’s face it, a deeply utilitarian act. It needs to be done, and if someone argues otherwise, I’d question standing downwind of them. It’s a boring but profoundly necessary task, meaning it must be undertaken pretty routinely. But this new Rituals stuff has opened my mind to a whole new world of showers actually being intensely enjoyable; upgrading routine to experience.

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The Fortune Oil (£8.50) is like shower gel for people who value luxury above all else. Instead of foaming up into big, sulfatey bubbles, this is a silky, spa scented oil that when rubbed about emulsifies into a whipped-cream-esque texture. Because I’m a rebel without cause, I also tried pumping this into a running bath and can confirm positive results. Afterwards your skin is clean, but also slidey in a great way, and you smell like a rich art teacher or somebody who has once been to India. Very good.

Another rich-man’s way of cleansing your human body is using the Good Luck Scrub (£19.50). This is loads of sugar particles suspended in a blend of amazing smelling oils. This is the sort of scrub which leaves a moisturising residue if that’s something that puts you off. But it’s something that puts me ON – because afterwards your skin is so smooth and soft and glowy you could reasonably be mistaken for a music video extra (my aim in life.)

If all of this excitement isn’t enough for you, you can continue the party post-shower by rubbing cream on yourself. I received two and they’re both delightful. The Touch of Happiness (£17) is the same orange-oily scent of the others. It’s more of a thick, melty texture and leaves skin looking slightly dewy. The Honey Touch (£17) smells sweeter and more floral, but equally spa-like. The texture is thinner and even slightly serum-y. It absorbs quicker and doesn’t leave much residue, but still does the moisturizing job.

Sometimes, yes, you need to shower to fulfil your basic human requirements, but sometimes a shower can and should be more than that. You can pretend to be at a spa weekend girl’s getaway (never been). You can make your skin feel like a baby in the least creepy way possible. And for those instances, these Rituals items are a really good time.

Annie x

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