Straight Outta Brick Lane. Blush Styles: Streetwear

The line between streetwear and sportswear is so fine, it’s a dot. I’ve always dabbled in both. As I made the move from awkward tomboy in baggy nike tracksuit bottoms and Adidas poppers, to trying to be a girl in skintight, cropped Abercrombie vest tops and JW trackies.

At Uni I went through the denim mini skirt and lace vest top stage that befell us all in the early noughties; tough times, but thankfully there was no Instagram then. But around about the time of Cara Delevingne/beanie mania I rekindled my romance with all things rough and ready, trading in trilbys for flat caps and my ragged priest beanie, which has proven to be the source of much ridicule from my guy pals, who think having the words RAGGED emblazoned across your head, may be sending the wrong message.


blush london brick lane

Never mind them. It’s fashion and it’s not fun unless you have something, to look back and cringe on years later. There’s just something about streetwear that is just so comforting. Perhaps it brings me back to my school days when the biggest dilemma we faced was what sweets we were going to get from the tuck shop, or perhaps it’s the fact that street clothes are just so goddam comfortable. I must admit, that when I walk around in my Reebok classics, there is an instant and undeniable swag to my step.

jamila r blush london urban shoot

Thanks to the Vetements‘ revival of the hoodie and the tracksuit’s comeback at Chloe, sports/streetwear is as hot as ever and there are so many ways you can wear the trend. As a longstanding americanophile -so much Real Housewives and KUWTK has infiltrated my inner being- and inspired by last year’s epic, Straight Outta Compton, I’ve been looking to the States for inspiration on how to stand out from the legions of ladies soon to be in Zara and Topshop’s quilted bombers. My suggestion is to go vintage and find that one authentic piece that will keep you from looking too copycat.

obey womens blush london shoot

blush urbanwear

As this is a huge trend for the season ahead and Spring is (apparently) on the horizon, I thought I’d road test my Spring style now, with some of my favourite pieces from the Obey and Bench collections for SS16. Sadly the weather wasn’t feeling me, so in most of the images you can see my teeth chatter and my goosebumps getting in on the action.

For those of your in sunnier climes this is thankfully a non-issue, but for us over in the UK, I guess it’s just practice for the year ahead.

There are some looks that I would recommend not trying (socks and sliders being one of them! Not sure what you guys think, but I felt a bit of a pillock). However, the Obey stripey twinset was in no way a laughing matter and I will be checking back on their website in the lead up to  Spring to bag myself a few!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

As I’m leaving East London next week to move down to the Royal Borough, I couldn’t think of a better way of saying sayonara, than this shoot in full on East London trendy garb.

It’s been emotional and always inspiring.

Here’s to the hoodie and the hood! Long live Streetwear, Long live East London.

bricklane london shoot blush london

streetwear sportwear blush

Jamila x


Scarf: Samsoe & Samsoe, Bomber Jacket: Chicago Bulls, Jeans: Zara; Beanie: Urban Outfitters, Backpack: Matt & Nat; Striped Shirt, Striped Shorts: Obey Womens, Trainers: Reebok, Sliders: Nike, T-Shirt: Bench; Socks: Adidas

Photography by: @TashDF


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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