Get the Look – The Chelsea Blow Dry

As the Sloane Ranger rides back into fashion , thanks to this season’s penchant for a pie crust collar, Blush show you how to get that other Chelsea signature, the blow dry.

The Chelsea Blowdry mastered by the master that is Richard Ward, oozes sexiness and polish in equal measure. No small feat.

The look which has become a signature of the Duchess of Cambridge and the rest of the Chelsea set, is also much-loved by the likes of Olivia Palermo, Doutzen Kroes and Rosie Huntington Whiteley; perhaps because with all of its bounce but clear effort, it manages to make its wearer instantly glamorous, unattainable and relatable all at once and is definitely a look to have in your How-to arsenal.

The Inspiration:

Get the Look:

mousse morrocan oil

Comb Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse from roots to ends on damp hair, then spray directly onto roots Moroccanoil Root blast.

Dry your hair lifting with your hands at the roots for max volume until the hair is 98% dry.

Take a section of hair over your crown and with the roller comb from the roots to the ends (pushing forward slightly) turn the roller round until it sits neatly on your head.

(Tip – If the roller feels loose or wobbles take a smaller section.)

Continue this through the back and then onto the side sections.

Put the hairdryer on medium blow setting and high heat setting and dry the rollers for 5 mins making sure each one is heated up.

Leave to cool from 15mins up to wearing them all day and doing your shopping like they do in Liverpool.

morrocoan oil treatment serum

Pull the rollers out, comb your fingers through and finish the ends with Morccanoil Treatment Serum.

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