12 Reasons why we love Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell needs little introduction and you probably already have an opinion about her. Whether that’s a phone-throwing loony, the Super of all Supers, Queen of the Catwalk, Bad biatch repping London or just an amazing woman who looks even better at 45.

Whatever your opinion, her greatness is undeniable. She’s a legend: for fashion fans, young girls looking for a role model that looks like them, or people who want to make the move from normal to iconic.

She’s been through the ringer that can’t be denied. For years the press pummelled her personality with leaked stories from those ‘closest’ to her, but when you’ve managed to stay best friends with your best friends for 25 years and your whole industry backs you,  you know you must be doing something right.

With the launch of her self-titled tome, Naomi, last night, and a string of campaigns and covers this year for the likes of Vogue, Allure, Balmain, Pop and a cameo at Yeezy Season 3, it felt like time, to take some time, to appreciate the incredible Naomi Campbell.

Why we love Naomi..

  1. She’s an original Super

2. Nobody’s worked a fringe so well since Jane Birkin

3. She’s from South London and caused a stir when she brought Azzedine Alaia to Brixton Market

naomi brixton

4. She looks after the new girls and is mentor to many a Super in the making. She even taught Gigi and Bella Hadid how to walk.


5. She’s an advocate for diversity in fashion . Her open letter to the industry with Bethann Hardison and Iman, in 2013, demanding more Asian and Afro-Caribbean models on every catwalk, single-handedly shook up the fashion world. Resulting in this…


6. She’s an icon for under-represented girls, with Neelam Gil, Jourdan Dunn and Rihanna all namechecking her as an influence when they were growing up.


7.  Her portrayal of Camilla in Empire is everything!

camilla cookie empire


8. She proved to everyone that when you fall, you laugh it off, get back up and own it.

naomi campbell viv westwood

9. She has the walk that launched a thousand imitations.

naomi walk

10. She’s a Queen and this may have been my favourite tv moment of all time

Naomi  check your lipstick

12. Oh and her new book is pink…


The collector’s edition is out now at: Taschen

More Naomi love:

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

2 thoughts on “12 Reasons why we love Naomi Campbell

  1. She is a great model unfortunately in real life not a great person. She has great cheekbone and good proportional stunning face but her height is exaggerated on the pictures.


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