Testing The Treatment – The Coconut Massage at Milk

I’m yet to meet anybody who doesn’t love a massage. An entire hour of being slathered in oil and rubbed into relaxation is most people’s idea of heaven. Having this in the comfort of your own home, well surely that’s too good to be true?

In the case of Milk beauty it isn’t. Milk beauty is the brainchild of former financier Lucy Patterson, who, like many of us, could never find the time to book into a spa, let alone make the journey to one. So she created milk, a mobile beauty service that comes to you any time from 7am-10pm any day of the week.  Somehow managing to combine luxury and convenience, the fully trained Milk beauticians can set up their equipment at your home, hotel or office; and are a great idea for Hen dos.
The Milk beauticians are all trained to the same standard so you can always expect the same stellar service (and in respect to mobile beauty services, consistency is key). They also offer a subscription service so that you can pick and mix every month depending on what you need and are in the mood for.

Milk offer a range of treatments, covering everything from facials and manicures to tanning and brow tints. I’d heard great things about their signature coconut oil massage, so I opted for that.

My beautician Chanelle arrived at my flat 10 minutes before my massage to set up and I was surprised to see that she’d managed to fit everything she needed into a carry all bag. Chanelle was super friendly which is always handy when you’re about to be naked in front of someone you’ve never met, in your own living room. After unzipping her bag and setting up her table Chanelle asked whether I had any injuries or areas I wanted her to pay particular attention to and then left me to get changed and ready. The beauticians all come equipped with everything you’d need including a pillow, aroma eye mask and towel to cover your modesty. Once I’d settled in, Chanelle got to work. I already had some music playing, but I believe that this can be provided also. As soon as the lights went off and my face hit the pillow I was not be getting up. Chanelle asked me my aroma oil of choice to inhale a little for relaxation. I opted for lavender, because even though it was the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, I figured, when in Rome/at home.

It was superb. Chanelle paid particular attention to my feet which I always abandon. And really giving them a good rub. It’s crazy to realise how tight your calves and feet become until you have all that tension massaged out.

The coconut oil itself sank in quickly and unlike a lot of coconut oils isn’t too pungent.

As always the hour was up all too soon and I could have laid there for hours. If you can afford I’d  definitely go for the 90, just because it is great.

After she’d finished Channelle quietly told me it was over and allowed me the time I needed to come around and peel myself off the massage table.

She packed up calmly and quickly and after I’d seen her out I literally spent about a minute admiring my feet. They’d never looked so good and after receiving some bad news that morning, I felt totally clear headed and ready to rumble again.

Not before I had a nice cup of tea on the sofa and caught up on some New Girl though.

Jamila x

Coconut Oil Full Body Massage 60 minutes £70, Milk Beauty


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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