Introducing… Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is really the inventor of the original ‘girl who prizes looking interesting above looking good’; And I don’t think she gets enough credit for that. Without Carrie paving the way, would we have the Man Repellers of today? Probably not. And, as a lover of so-ugly-it-might-not-be-ugly-but-actually-I-think-it-still-is clothing, I think that would be a huge shame.

Anyway, I digress. This isn’t about tutus or enormous hats, but best believe I could talk about those topics for hours. This is about SJP’s new perfume, with the titillating name Lovely Sheer. Lovely, sheer what??? I hear you ask. I don’t know ok. It’s just a name.

This perfume comes in a bottle surprisingly subtly designed for a perfume with a name that sounds like a seven-year-old’s doll. It in fact, reminds me of a nice big droplet of water, or maybe what PR people would prefer to call a dew drop. The bottle has a slightly greeny-grey tint and pink ribbon. The whole thing is inoffensive and appealing, which is pretty much the USP behind the product.

SJP lovely

You’ll notice they went for the word ‘sheer’ instead of ‘inoffensive’, which, you know, fair enough. This is a light and fresh variation on the very concept of perfume. There’s nothing worse than getting trapped in a confined space with someone who is wearing way too much fragrance and your eyes start watering, you feel sick and get this specific type of headache right in the middle of your forehead. With SJP’s  Lovely Sheer, you will never be that person.

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It’s a sheer hint of fragrance, but unlike usual subtle scents it actually lasts pretty well. You’ll smell good, for sure, but not too good, like you have something to hide or you’re trying to impress someone (gross).

This has top notes of orange flower and mandarin, middle notes of gardenia water, pink peppercorns and blonde wood and base notes of musk, vetiver and amber. It also has side notes of courage and optimism, under notes of wisdom and in-between notes of your best friend’s clean hair. Seriously though guys, if you want to know from someone who doesn’t know anything at all what this really smells like, here goes. Nice is the first word that springs to mind. Fresh and floral, probably. Definitely something no one would hate and I think most people would even actively like!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It’s lucky I don’t have the job of coming up with perfume names, because it’s quite possible I would have named this fragrance ‘Nice Inoffensive’. Maybe when I’m famous that will be the name of the perfume I release. As it stands, I think Lovely Sheer is a good name for a good perfume. It does what is says on the water droplet.

Annie x

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