Introducing… M.A.C Face and Body Foundation

Like foundation? Hate foundation? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you will probably really love Mac’s Face & Body. By no means is this a new launch – in fact it’s a cult classic which all of the very clever makeup people have secretly loved for years. But it’s new to me, and I wanted to throw my voice into the mix to tell you all that this foundation is weird and, indeed, wonderful.

Firstly, look at the very size of it. It comes in a bottle four times bigger than your average joe, and therefore works out actually cheaper than “drugstore” foundation offerings. (You can get it in a regular size but if you value value, get the big guy.) It comes in a plastic squeezy bottle, good for travelling with and for getting out the right amount, all while feeling like you’re doing some genuine art or something. All very fun.

The next stage of the fun is the application. This foundation has the weirdest (or as proper beauty writers would say “most unique”) textures I’ve ever rubbed on my face – and I’ve rubbed a lot of textures on my face. It comes out like slightly thicker water, or maybe a cheap hair gel. As you rub it into your face, it starts to become sticky and then suddenly sets. Fingers are widely renowned as the best way, but I reckon if you work fast you can use pretty much anything to apply this. Apparently it has “film-forming” ingredients in, the same magic which makes liquid lipsticks dry and stay forever.

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Once it’s one your face, it very much stays there. But, unlike other professed long-lasting face bases, this is actually almost undetectable on the skin. One layer offers a smidge of coverage and a cute shiney-facedness to your look. It layers up really well without balling up or any of that nonsense. This will up the coverage without ever looking really obviously makeupy. Also, as the name suggests, you can put this makeup on your body too. While I don’t advocate a full body coat of paint everyday (weird), it probably is quite useful for giant shin bruises at prom (and I speak from bitter experience).

What is really so great about Face & Body is that it grabs all of the things that are useful about foundation (long-lastingness, nicer looking skin, glow, the fun of rubbing goo onto your face) without any of the annoyingness. It’s perfect, effortless, natural looking everyday skin in a bottle, plus you get to feel smugly in the know about a Makeup Artist “secret weapon.” This is basically the cool girl answer to foundation, and I don’t know about you, but pretending to be a cool girl is the highest on my list of priorities.

Annie x

M.A.C, Face and Body Foundation, £22

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