Introducing… Natural Collection’s Snowstorm – The Humble Highlighter

A large part of the joy of makeupping is the wandering around Boots, whimsically swatching and aimlessly picking up and putting down. And for days of extreme lack of life-enthusiasm, alongside extreme lack of disposable income, even the most budget of displays can offer a much needed existential massage. This is how I discovered one of my cheapest yet most cheerful makeup finds of late, from the humble Natural Collection– the solo eyeshadow in Snowstorm.

I totally understand how this could easily be overlooked. In the cheap, plasticky pan, it looks like a standard white matte. Much of a muchness, and probably extremely similar to something you already have lying around, right? Nope, you’re wrong. One touch of this actually shows it to be an amazingly pearlescent purple-pink-blue. How this transformation from pan to swatch happens is beyond my tiny brain. The fact is, it does and it’s beautiful.

I love this colour all over the lids for a subtle yet somehow still iridescent pale purple eye. It also works as a really interesting inner corner or brow-bone highlight, and even on the high points of the cheeks for a glowing, alien-esque look. It’s a really unique shade, and the quality is so beyond what you pay for it. I promise, people have genuinely given me compliments on my eyeshadow when wearing this. And then I inevitably scare them away, shouting into their face, “it’s £1.99! You should buy it!! Write this down, ok, it’s called Snowstorm from Natural Collection, can you believe it?? Honestly, it’s so good, buy it now!”

Natural Selection Boots Review snow storm eyeshadow highlight2

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I’ve been musing on this a lot (a very good use of my time), and I think what makes this shade so ace is that it carefully walks the fine line between “neutral” and “out-there.” It’s a white highlight shade, but instead of just being frosty white, it has hints of purple and pink and pale blue. So it’s a colourful shade, but then blended over the eye it just subtly catches the light without being obnoxious. It’s literally a perfect eyeshadow, and it’s £1.99.

If you are peeping over the precipice of adventurous makeup, but not yet ready to jump, this is for you. Think of it as a gateway drug to colourful eyeshadow. It’s the most beautiful way to look slightly frostbitten, slightly other-worldly, even maybe a touch on the dead side (I’m such a natural saleswoman). There probably is a proper makeup word for the look I’m describing, but I don’t know it. It’s very interesting and pleasant, and I think that’s the best I can do.

Please, everyone just believe me on this. I’ve touched a fair amount of eyeshadows in my life, and this one actually is something special. I just want everyone to at least understand my point, so I can just CALM DOWN about the whole thing. At the very very least, give it a touch next time you’re in Boots. If I haven’t actually lost my mind, I’m pretty sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Natural Collection, Solo Eyeshadow in Snow Storm, £1.99, Boots

Annie x

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