Introducing Liquid Lipsticks (on a budget)

If you know about makeup, you’ll surely know about liquid lipsticks. They are, quite simply, everywhere, and hailed as some sort of miracle, unicorn-blood, fairy-dust magic product. Because I am cynical and grumpy, I generally try to avoid this kind of hype. I’ve tried a few LLs and while I can see the appeal, they are not without fault. Nonetheless, when on one of my perhaps-too-frequent, frantic, late night internet rampages I found what looked like liquid lipsticks for 99p on eBay, my curiosity was piqued. I ordered a whole bunch (for “research”) and I’ve gathered some thoughts.

These liquid lipsticks are good, and for the price they are amazing. Everyone so loves the Kat Von D guys, and I have to say these are pretty comparable in formula. They are a thin, liquid consistency – not moussey like the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets or NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. This means they dry extremely matte, to a somewhat paint-like finish. They are super long lasting, but when they come off they don’t fade but sort of peel. They also don’t layer well – if reapplication is needed, it’s best to remove everything and start from scratch. As for removal, you’ll need something oily or creamy for this – micellar waters and wipes will cower in the face of them.


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The packaging is pretty weird. They look like test tubes for no conceivable reason, and are extremely long and thin. While this is handy for slipping into pockets or down the side of a clutch, it does mean that the wand is over long and unwieldy; the word lanky comes to mind. For a neater application, I’d recommend painting the wand onto a lip brush, otherwise it’s very easy to get out of control and end up looking a bit Ronald McDonald.



For a mysterious and bizarrely cheap brand, I have to commend the colour options I found here. They have some super-trendy mauve browns (comparable to a certain somebody’s Lip Kit) in 18, 30 and 33. There are a whole bunch of classic bold options: reds, fuschias, bubblegums and wines. There are even some more unusual colours, like 36, a deep pink with blue microshimmers, and 16, a strangely wearable grey-lilac. I’d bet a majority of high end LL colours could be duped by this line, and you could probably get some unique shades, too.

Because liquid lipstick is such a personal and tricky issue (poor me, my life is so hard,) I reckon buying a couple of colours for way less than one higher end option is a Good Idea. You can experiment and see how you feel about a painted on mouth without fiscally committing yourself. The colour selection is wide, the price is right and the lasting power is fearsome. Maybe they can end up feeling a bit dry and painty, but that seems to be a universal liquid lipstick problem. See if you can overcome it via the magic of eBay, then go forth and prosper, or whatever.

Liquid Lipsticks, £0.99, Ebay

Annie x


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