Introducing – Dior’s Glow Maximiser

I had actually planned to write this piece in a few weeks. It’s in my diary and everything – I am a proper beauty writer, ok?? But then I read the Sali Hughes Guardian column about how this is being discontinued in the next month or so. And I thought for all of you who love beauty, read me but don’t read Sali Hughes (hundreds, I’m sure), you all needed my two penneth on this Important Matter. So, straight from the future, I bring you my thoughts on the Dior Glow Maximiser Primer.

It’s really good, ok. I know suspense is everything but I think you’d probably already guessed the “twist” here anyway. I love it and I’m sad about its demise. So if you like face base makeup things, I really think you should try to get it, and get it soon.

It’s a pinkish gold iridescent (contender for my most overused word ever) liquid. It looks kind of pearly, but not the colour of a pearl, which is white in case you didn’t know. It applies like any slippy (but not silicone-y), quite lightweight, face rubbing thing. If you’ve put on any old foundation or BB you’ll get the gist. As you rub it sort of becomes firmer under your fingertips. This is good; it means it’s working. It’s becoming the glue to hold your foundation down, while at the same time making it look more natural and, you look like a glowy beacon of light.

IMG_3262Dior Glow Maximsier Review

Here is where I find DGM to be a beautiful and unique snowflake. Usually, glowiness = less longevity. If something is shiny, that usually means it’s more emollient and thus moves around more. I love a shiny face more than anything, but leaving grease tracks wherever your face touches, does verge on the unappealing. And usually longevity = matte face. I can enjoy matte now and then, but I need a bit of shine in my life to avoid the dreaded cake face and to look young and fresh.

Certain magic products manage to combine glowiness with long lastingness.The Dior GM adds a layer of shine (sans glitter) but is also a genuine primer, which smooths out skin roughness and glues foundation down on top of it. It’s a shiny, but long-lasting gem.

Do you need to buy a thousand of these right now? Probably not. But if you like an expensive (but not eye-watering), glowy, smooth and angelic complexion product, it’s worth keeping your peepers out for. If you see it, buy it, and if everyone does then maybe Dior will rethink its cruel and unusual decision. Viva La Revolution! Girl Power!

Dior Backstage, Glow Maximiser, Light Boosting Primer, £28.50, Boots

Annie x

Bobbi Brown UK


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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