Blush Tests.. Miu Miu’s Ombre Lips

Ombre lips: old news, sort of. They’ve been in every runway roundup for many moons, and in the age old way have trickled down onto the high street. Nyx and Topshop have specific kits for achieving a two toned lip. But they are typically two very similar shades: a lighter and a darker. Twice as interesting as one lipstick, sure, but not truly groundbreaking.

That was until I saw what Miu Miu have been up to with their own two lipstick action and was visually very pleased. Instead of blending together two shades of the same colour, they’ve gone full crazy and attempted a blend of two totally incongruous shades. The effect is eye catching, slightly jarring and, in a way, actually very pretty. All the things I look for in makeup.

The combo I enjoyed the most was the bluey-purple and dark red gradient. It’s bruised looking and a bit scary. But it will only scare off losers, so don’t worry.

To achieve my look, I used a navy purple lipstick with a darker berry lip liner: Stargazer Lipstick in 130 Purple Matte, and Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 064 Obsession, to be exact. Not only did I already have this Stargazer in my collection, but I have actually worn it to many parties. It looks hard to wear, but nothing is truly hard to wear if you really want to. It gives a great goth on holiday vibe.

I lined my lips, as you would expect, with the lip liner. I also took it further inside the lip line, though not filling in the whole mouth. In the central bare patch, I dabbed on the lipstick. Ever professional (although I’m pretty sure this is actually the best way) I  smushed the colours together with my finger. After a pretty seamless blend was achieved, I went back in with the lipliner at the very very edges, and the lipstick in the very very middle, to intensify the colours there.

blush review rimmel lipliner maybelline superstay

After all this finger mouth rubbing, I did look a bit like a child who’d got into her mums make up bag: lipstick all over my chin. I tidied the edges with concealer and an angled brush – I used the Maybelline Super Stay but I think literally any would work. However, because of the overall blendy smudginess of the look, I didn’t think a crisp finishing edge really went with it. I lightly diffused using a cotton bud, which I think looked much better.

Compared to the gold lip from Prada, I think this is much more conventionally pretty and wearable. Purple and red are more ‘normal’ lip colours, after all (albeit, not usually together). But it is refreshing to see a twist on a bold dark lip after all these years. And I think it looks nice! Also: how amazing is it to pinch a high fashion look for about £5? Both of these products are super ace, and the Stargazer is such a unique, “high fashion” colour. What do you guys think?

Annie x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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