Blush Loves.. Dermalogica’s Charcoal Rescue Masque

I’ve never considered charcoal as being desirable in any way, let alone a skincare essential, but at a recent press briefing  in the beauty Mecca that is Liberty; Dermalogica experts were on hand to fill us in on why charcoal was the newest necessary addition to our beauty cabinets.
It turns out that charcoal, as well as being one of the year’s newest skincare trends, is one of nature’s natural filters – absorbing toxins, impurities and negative energy due to it’s porous surface.



Dermalogica’s mask which is slightly grainy in texture and a comforting granite in colour, boasts binchotan charcoal- the finest white charcoal in Japan- which serves as a great anti pollutant and is ideal for those in search of a deep cleanse.
Packed with the antibacterial sulphur, anti-inflammatory volcanic ash and marine silt, Dermalogica’s charcoal rescue is ideal for those with oily skin or acne. Whilst the addition of Chilean wild mint works to refine the skins texture leaving it soft to the touch.

Although it is primarily aimed at those in polluted climates or with badly behaved skin, it does cater to most and the natural ingredients it boasts ensure it will be kind to even the most sensitive of skin.

As with all good masks it’s fun to use and is a throwback to my first mud mask; It’s hard not to enjoy the dark charcoal gloop slithering out of the clinical white tube. It was grainy which I always think is a good sign (kind of a mask and scrub in one really) and dried quickly without being over drying. Whilst it may be a little hardcore for those with super dry skin ( it left my combination complexion squeaky clean;) for those with an oily disposition, blackheads or seriously clogged pores, this is definitely one to try.
Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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