Introducing – The Ritual of Karma Collection.

Showering: boring. Sleeping: better, but still not particularly exciting. Anything which can spice up your daily rituals (see what I did!? I’m a real writer!!) is a blessing in my eyes. And Rituals have come through with another really pleasant collection.

The packaging is a beautiful jade-y blue with copper accents. It’s designed for summer, and the scent certainly breaks through the muggy haze sweeping across London at the moment. It’s really unusual: perfumey but still really light and refreshing, described as “holy lotus and bergamot.” I don’t know what is holy about it, but I can smell a hint of delicious earl grey amidst the floral – and maybe a touch of tasty fruit. The point is, it smells SO NICE, and in a really cool, Rituals-y, nuanced way.

I’ve been using the scrub to prepare my lizard legs for seeing the light of day. Anyone who has used a Rituals scrub knows how gorgeous and spa-like (never been) they feel. This texture is the same as other Rituals scrubs I’ve tried (hint: good) with the great ‘Karmic’ scent. It’s pretty oily, which may not be a bonus for everyone, but I love because it negates the boring need for a post shower moisturise. I think the oily residue left on skin helps lock in wetness (the essence of beauty) from the shower, plus gives your legs a, dare I say it, sexy-girl-in-a-music-video sheen.

The Ritual of Karma Collection Review Blush London

Also in the shower resides my ‘Shower Foam Full of Kindness.’ And it does actually feel very kind: it comes out as a thick-ish gel but the slightest rub results in an abundance of the thickest, creamiest foam you’ve ever felt. It sort of reminds me of the texture of shaving gel (as it comes in a fun can) but without being so stripping and smelling like chemicals. This smells good, and leaves skin clean but soft and happy.

Finally, the product I never knew I needed, a ‘Good Karma Mist.’ This can be used as a sort of body spray fragrance thing, but my preferred use for it is spraying in my bed. Sounds like something creepy from a pick up artist’s handbook, but bear with me. Why would you not want your bed to smell nice? You’re lying in it all the time, probably stinking it out with your dead skin cells and feet and all sorts. Also, it’s where you dream. You want dreams where the world smells nice, don’t you?

Anyway, a scent to go to sleep and wake up to is no mean feat, but I think the right balance is struck here. It’s sweet, yet mild, and relaxing, yet somehow also refreshing. It doesn’t jar you when you’re nodding off, nor does it make getting out of bed (any more) difficult. It’s a mysterious science I won’t pretend I understand, but I definitely enjoy.

Karma is the theory that living with good intent means good things will happen or something right? So, it seems a bit of a stretch that some shower gel and spray could help you achieve a better life. But think on this. If you don’t shower, you don’t attract good things. If you don’t sleep, you’re probably a bit of a pest to be around. And if your legs aren’t smooth and shiny, you … ok, that one might be purely cosmetic. But two out of three isn’t bad!

Annie x

Ritual of Karma, available at Rituals

Charlotte Tilbury


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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