Introducing – Tinted SPFs

It’s hot! (sometimes, kind of.) It’ sunny, a bit. It’s all going on and I like it. Vitamin D, no tights, iced coffee, I’m all in. Now for a seamless summer weather into beauty product tie-in: journalism!

For really sticky days, wearing makeup starts to be a bit gross, no? There’s nothing to make you feel less glamourous, than touching your sweat moustache and then seeing your makeup tipped fingers. It feels like your skin is melting off and to be frank, it sort of looks like it too. For days when no makeup is not an option, there do exist genuinely long wearing and covering formulas. Estee Lauder’s  Double Wear is one of them, but even then, though you’ll look great, you’ll still feel a bit filmy and sticky. Enter, my summer “non-bases.”

The criteria for these are they must be protective. The sun is a false friend, but you all know this. SPF yourselves before you wreck yourselves, or whatever. They must also be ‘tinted.’ This does not mean they provide light coverage, in a bb/cc style. These don’t actually cover anything, as such, but they do slightly even out skin tone, reduce redness and add a glow. For coverage, you can just tap concealer where you need it, avoiding summer-sticky-sweat-face, as I’m dubbing it. They must also be French. (Not really, but both of mine happen to be, and I do romanticise French things.)

The La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Tinted Fluid is super watery and thin. It has SPF 50+, which is a lot of SPFs, right? It comes in only one colour, which might make you wary, but it’s so thin that it basically just means no white-cast and a nice glowy finish. In fact it’s a similar colour to my Dior Glow Maximiser – a sort of sheer mid peach, but with less iridescence. It works well under makeup, probably, but I use it as a barely-tinted-moisturiser and sun protectant in one. It also comes in a satisfying shaker and dropper system, and looks efficient and a bit utilitarian: trustworthy.

La Roche Posay & Eau Thermale Avene Tinted SPFs

The Avene Hydrance Optimale Skin Tone Perfector is slightly different, but has the same general idea. It comes in two formulas: Light and Rich. Although I wish I was rich (double meanings!) the lighter formula works fine for my clog-prone complexion. Both the Light and Rich are a thicker, more moisturising texture than the LRP, making it even more of a multi-use, space-saving product. It claims to mattify, too, which I didn’t experience, but that’s ok: I embrace a summer (and year-round) shiny face.

The problem with the higher coverage is that non colour matching is more obvious. I’m a pale and yellowy person, and this came out of the tube looking alarmingly dark and orange. Blended onto my face, I can get away with it and in fact it would probably be nice to make my sallow, indoor-face look a bit more summery. Again, for dark complexions this will seem light, but because of the warm glow it may actually be ok and not too ashy. It’s SPF 30, which I have read somewhere actually offers the same protection as 50; but that sounds like it actually might be a lie. Regardless, SPF is good, particularly on your face, and 30 is better than 0.

Whether you’re wearing makeup or not (and trust me, when it’s hot people will be so distracted by the sun they won’t notice a few “blemishes,”) keep your summer face protected so it doesn’t wither away come autumn. And if you’re wearing a sunscreen, it might as well do a bit more for your skin. This is the true balancing act between makeup and skincare, and even though balance sounds boring, these aren’t. They’re as interesting as tinted sun cream can be, and as I think I’ve proven, that is very interesting indeed.

Annie x

Charlotte Tilbury (UK)


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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