Blush Tests: Glitter @ Burberry AW16

I’ll be honest: working with glitter fills me with dread. The shimmery forays of 11-year-old me come rushing back to mind whenever I see a twinkling eyeliner or lip. The sparkle reminds me too much of Claire’s Accessories, candy necklaces and scented gel pens for me to take it seriously.

But when I saw Edie Campbell backstage at the Burberry show, I found myself considering it all over again. The smudgy, lived in eyeliner and sparkle sprayed across cheekbones, made me think of a party girl who’d been up all night dancing to Bowie. I had to try it.

The Inspiration:

Wendy Rowe was in charge of crafting the makeup this season and she used Burberry’s own Limited Edition Shimmer Dust (available in August). In the absence of this bouillon, I went trawling from Barry M to Stargazer to—yes—Claire’s. It turns out that chunky glitter is pretty hard to find outside of nail varnish. In the end, I settled for a £1 pack of craft glitter vials from The Works.

After doing my usual base, I lined my eyes roughly with Maybelline’s Master Smoky Kohl, and used the blending end to smudge it around my eye and lower lid before applying mascara. I then swiped MAC’s eyeshadow in Nylon along my cheekbones for a pearlescent highlight.

Mc eyeshadow in Nylon

Next came the fun part. All glitter needs some kind of fixing agent or mixing solution and most tutorials recommend false eyelash glue. Since I found that precise application of glue took away the effortless spirit of this look, I used beeswax instead.

I mixed the gold, silver and white glitters together then drew a C shape around my eye in beeswax before patting it on. With a brush, I popped the blue as close to my eye as I dared, carefully dragging it down and around my cheeks. I finished with pressed powder, lip tint and a reminder not to rub or touch my face.

burberry shimmer dust

‘Have you been to a festival?’ and ‘Your face looks like Christmas’ were the comments from my friends. I loved it. It was fun and youthful and girly and silly and despite my best efforts and moodiest stares, it still reminded me of Cream Soda and sleepovers and crushing on boys. But maybe that’s the point.

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