Introducing – The Sleek Solstice Palette

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of eyes and a brain must love glitter. We are all magpies, drawn to the colourful and the shiny, and I won’t hear otherwise. But as adults, life often consists of a really disappointing amount of glitter. I want more and if you don’t, I think you’re lying.

This is my theory as to why highlighting has taken on the immense popularity it has. Its use has become standardised, every day face fare, and I think that’s good. It’s not glitter, exactly, but it is shiny shiny shiny, usually pastel toned and sometimes metallic: undeniably appealing. Highlighter is the new black.

Blush London Reviews the Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

For a really intense highlight, one used to have to go hard (expensive) or go home – unless you were willing to resort to the use of face eyeshadow. No longer. Sleek have a palette with what I think are the most intensely highlighty highlighters I’ve ever seen, and everyone loves it.

The name of the game is Solstice, which conjures up nice Wickerman / Stonehenge type imagery: FUN. Solstice is to do with sunlight or something, right? So this is like a packaged up palette of portable sunlight, for your face. What could literally be better? If it came in entirely gold packaging? Oh wait, it does that too.

So what you get is one cream and three powders. Without attempting any 3-for-2 deals, it’s a solid tenner, aka £2.50 per pan. That’s cheap, it’s cheaper than most things you can buy. And it’s great.

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Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette Review BL

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The cream shade, Ecliptic, is a great pale peachy-pink. It’s got a really nice, creamy yet not greasy consistency, for more of a subtle, ‘lit from within’ vibe. But the real stars of the show are the three powders, Subsolar (yellow gold), Equinox (peach) and Hemisphere (lilac-pink and my personal favourite). They are soft and exceptionally highly pigmented, swatching almost exactly as they look in ‘pan.’ They’re the perfect texture, not too hard that you can’t get them onto your brush, but not so soft they fly about everywhere and fall down to your chin. They go on evenly, are long lasting and you get three properly good colours. They can be mixed too, so the highlighting options are technically endless.

Sleek Highlighter Palette Swatches colours

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What else? The palette comes with a brush which isn’t total trash, but I prefer a fan (brush, not one of my many admirers) for better blended application. It also comes with a big mirror, meaning it would serve you well to bring this palette on holiday. Also, you get so much product in here that you could definitely do some of this new “body-highlighting” – from what I can gather, applying highlighter to your chest and soldiers so you look like a sexy robot.

If you love highlighting, you should really get this. And if you don’t love highlighting, I think this could be the palette that changes your mind. It really is good, and I promise I don’t say that unless I really think something is. Until I can actually incorporate face glitter into my daily routine, this will be my (very happy) compromise.

Annie x

Sleek, Solstice Highlighter Palette, £9.99, Boots


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