Blush Tests: Red Glitter Lips @ Atelier Versace

The Autumn/Winter Atelier Versace show was an absolute beauty treat. Blessed by the magic of Pat McGrath, models came down the runway with an array of looks: dark blackberry lips, graphic blue eyes, or metallic finished skin.

It was hard to choose a favourite but, magpie that I am, it was inevitably the glitter lip that caught my eye. Ruby red like those slippers from Oz and perfectly complementing the draped, satin Monroe-esque couture. Lucky models wore a precise deep red lip, blended with claret and topped with iridescent red glitter.

The Inspiration:

Emboldened by my luck with Burberry’s twinkling cheekbones, I headed straight to the Stargazer website and bought a pot of scarlet glitter. On Taylor Hill and Bella Hadid, the lips looked sexy and youthful by virtue of backstage selfies, hoop earrings and pulled back hair, but I couldn’t resist the urge to set my hair in hot rollers and spritz myself in Chanel No.5 before setting about the task.

After lining and filling my lips with a cranberry pencil by Sleek, I then cleaned up the edges with concealer. Next, I blended MAC’s Velvet Teen—a deep burgundy—into the corners of my lips, leaving the centres bare for generous application of cool toned Ruby Woo. The result was a kind of gradated red with sultry corners and a plump centre. Honestly, I could have stopped there.

Glitter work always deserves a deep preparatory breath and this was no exception. After covering my lips in eyelash glue, I walked around gaping like a fish for five minutes after carefully pressing on the glitter. I’d recommend working in stages—allowing each swipe of glue to dry after you’ve applied your sparkle—if you’re planning to test this yourself.

The result is truly remarkable. You’d expect glitter lips to look absurd somehow, but even in person, and in jeans, they were the height of old Hollywood Glamour; the cosmetic embodiment of Jessica Rabbit. Bouncy curls perfectly framed the surprisingly sophisticated nature of this look, but this look is given instant edge with a scraped up bun.

Chin sparkles are a big no-no, so I’d recommend pressing strips of cello tape on your lower face for clean-up and be sure to recruit a friend to be on tooth-glitter watch. A lick of vaseline on eyelids are all you need elsewhere, but there’s no escaping the attention-seeking nature of this lip. People will stare: you’ve just put a spotlight on your face, so you’d better be prepared to bask in it.

Team Blush x

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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