Introducing – The Skinfix Soothing Collection

Skin is a delicate science, and for all my enthusiastic reading and trying, not one I’m sure I fully understand. When it misbehaves, it’s all too tempting to attack, but the older (and wiser) (not really) I get, the more I realise a tough love approach doesn’t always work. In fact, it’s much easier to kill it with kindness, and that is where the Skinfix Soothing Collection comes in.

This is the gentlest of ranges, with some serious science behind it, sort of taking Mother Nature’s advice and then double-checking all of that with real life dermatologists. It’s formulated for people with bad eczema and other such dermatitis-y problems. I don’t technically have any of those, but leaving out irritating ingredients is still all for the good of all skin types. We know that sulphates dry out and fragrance breaks down collagen, and we don’t want that. The range is also formulated without parabens (which are a bit of a cancery minefield best avoided) and phthalates, which sound scary.

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The Hand Repair Cream is a really great hand cream which means business and that business is no more dry hands. Dry hands are pretty gross, when you think about it, and writing this is making me think about it far too much. Loaded with great natural ingredients like aloe and calendula (medicine type things!) and emollient (and surprisingly non greasy,) things like Shea butter and jojoba oil. It has won a bunch of hand cream awards for moisturising and preventing cracking and other such wince-y occurrences.

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In a similar vein is the Soothing Lotion, except this is for your dry withering body. It will make it super moist again, and stop all the withering. It has great natural oils, which sink into skin instead of just sitting on top of it smelling like flowers. This doesn’t smell like anything, but as discussed, that is a good thing. I love this as an after sun type moisturiser, because it has ‘soothing’ in the name and contains soothing things, like: oatmeal, coconut and our old friend, jojoba. Soothing, plus: pump. I rest my case.

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You may have been fooled into thinking I would not have much use for the Eczema Balm, not having eczema and such. But a nice balmy substance is useful for anyone with skin, aka anyone. I like this as a Vaseline alternative: as a lip balm, an eye gloss, on extreme dry patches, cuticles, or even as an intensive body (or foot) moisturiser. It has much better ingredients than Vaseline, too, with penetrating oils like Shea butter, sweet almond and again our mateys jojoba and coconut. This means it actually delivers moisture to the skin instead of just acting as a petroleum barrier cream.

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My own personal star, though, is the Soothing Wash. This is supposed to be a body wash for sensitive bodies, but my body skin is hardy as anyone’s business (except when it comes to insect bites, as discussed). So I’ve been using this as a face cleanser. I’m really surprised, because I am in a committed relationship with the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, but my dalliance with this has been extremely pleasant. It’s a really thin liquid consistency, which foams up very slightly (more just becomes milky) in contact with water. It is sulphate free so top notch for your scary sounding acid mantle. It has good oils (you know the guys) and aloe vera, so it’s non drying, but still rinses clean, without leaving an oily film. My face afterwards feels extremely soft, smooth, and, importantly, clean.

So there you have it. Even rhino-thick (metaphorically, I might add) skin can benefit from a bit of a softer, more sensitive touch. Treat your skin as you would want to be treated, as Jesus Christ once said.

Annie x

Skinfix is available at Boots.


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