Introducing: The Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length

I have self-inflicted ‘problem hair’. After months of being a homemade blonde breakage is finally happening. Right at the crown of my head is an unattractive tuft. I’m not proud of myself.

Pre-tuft days, I did do a lot of masking – you know how blonde is; But clearly, deep moisturising was no longer cutting the hair mustard, and something needed to change.

Enter Lee Stafford’s prizewinning entry in the annual longest name for a hair mask contest, the Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length. This is supposed to be some sort of mega charged hair paste, which sets your scalp ablaze with vim and vigour to start pushing out follicles once more. Sounds magic, right? Well, being productually (?) optimistic, I bought in.

It comes in borderline offensive neon pink packaging with that cool cApItAlisEd dIfFeReNt LeTtEr type, so beloved to us all in 2007. Whatever, it’s only in the shower, I don’t have to look at it too much. As everyone knows, it’s what’s inside that counts. And what is inside is a shiny, pinky-grey goo. Nice.

Blush review of lee stafford hair mask for hair that never grows 2

It smells like the scent of a nice hair product trying and almost succeeding to mask the scent of a potent chemical. I actually kind of like this feature – it makes me think there is something in here which is powerful and effective. The nice hair product smell outlasts the stinky chemical on the hair anyway, which is what counts.

After shampooing, you’re supposed to take a small handful of said goo and smear it primarily on your scalp. I know what you’re thinking, but it makes sense: hair grows out of the scalp, right? So that’s the area that needs to get growing. Your ends won’t re-spring new hairs, no matter how moist (fave word) they are.

After leaving it for a while (five mins plus, and the longer the better, but I find hanging out in the shower such a bore) rinse, obviously. This is where you do your normal conditioner, the one to hopefully bind your ends and make it all less like a cloud of kapok.

So, the question on everyone’s lips: does it work? And my tentative answer: I think so. My tuftiness hasn’t grown back to full luscious length, but that would be simply a ridiculous thing to ask. I do think my hair has grown, particularly if my roots are anything to go by. Either way, adding a conditioning step is always a bonus for a bleached gal, and it’s nice to pay your scalp some attention after all it does for you.

It’s kind of pricey at like, £9, but at time of writing you can get 3 for £15 at Boots, which is well worth it. I think this is the type of thing you need to use for a while to see it working – one use (unfortunately) won’t give you long and flowing mermaid hair. Sigh. Nonetheless, in the ongoing battle against tufts, I’m glad to have this worthy foot soldier on my side.  

Annie x



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