Introducing… Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops.

Highlight is definitely having a moment. What was once reserved for a chalky white powder with flecks of snow white glitter, can now comes in a variation of pearls, champagnes and golds, sticks, tubes, pots and even cushions.

Although a great highlighting powder will always hold a special place in my heart, they are a bit of a weird idea. Highlighter is supposed to look shiny, glossy, and fluid. Whilst powder, by it’s very nature, is the antithesis- dry, matte and not at all very ‘glowy’. And thus: for the first time in living history, it seems the conventional way, may not actually make the most sense.

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Perhaps neither does spending £34 on 15ml of liquid metal. But I did it and I feel sensible as hell. The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are the most lucent highlighters ever; and housed in a pipette ‘n’ dropper system, which actually look like lustrous, molten lava on your cheekbones. If the tin man is a makeup idol of yours, look no further.

I have the pinkish-silver shade Celestial, which is great for paleys like me. There are six in the range, four with the intense metallic pigment I’m talking about, and two a more natural finish for bronzing. There will be one for any tone, which is a rare and ace thing.

If you need to further justify a purchase, remember the multi-purposed nature of such bottle-of-glow products. The dropper system actually seems to invite some fun facial mixology. You can mix it with moisturiser or primer, for an illuminating base. You can add a drop to a foundation for a more all over, cherubic glow. You can use it as a glossy looking eyeshadow wash. And of course, you can stick it all over your cheeks, inner eye corner, brow bone and cupid’s bow as God intended.

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Unlike some liquid highlighters, this can be rubbed on willy nilly, even over foundation, without creating any pilling or foundation “holes.” I tend to use fingers, because I hate washing things, but a Beauty Blender type sponge offers even more of a flawless blend. It’s extremely light and once it sets, it sets, yet somehow without being drying.

Whilst a few layers of this can be built up into some true highlighted madness, half a drop can create a surprisingly natural glow. So you’re basically getting about ten products in one.

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If size concerns you, I can’t imagine anyone ever finishing this. A single drop will give you the world’s glowiest cheeks and two drops will probably be blinding to passers-by. This is 15ml. That’s half a foundation, and you need less than a drop at a time.

My thought process is, if you want to spend a lot of money on something, that something should be both pretty unique and totally, shockingly beautiful. The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are both of those things. Are they the best use of my money? Probably not. Do they bring me joy? Absolutely.

Annie x



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