Introducing… Maybelline’s Loaded Bold Lipsticks

Blush writer Annie is back with another gem from across the pond. 


I feel like I’ve been messing with makeup long enough now, that bland pretty things just aren’t appealing to me anymore. The problem is that weird, ugly, experimental makeup products are usually the reserve of high end brands for editorial shoots and haute couture runways. Cheaper brands need to stack high and sell cheap and a safer product is a safer profit bet. But as makeup continues to take over Instagram and YouTube, unnatural, mad makeup is starting to seem an ever more appealing fiscal bet for cheaper brands. So as much as anyone wants to criticise the prevalence and reach of social media makeup stars, at least they mean we can get blue lipstick from Superdrug now, right?

And that’s what I’m talking about today: the new range of Loaded Bolds by Maybelline. This
is a drugstore brand producing blue, grey, brown and black lipsticks and I’m all for it.
The range does include some super pretty “normal” colours, like reds, pinks and nudes, but as a lipstick ‘collector’ (/hoarder) I picked up the weird, undupeable shades, specifically: Wickedly White, Gone Griege and Midnight Blue.


I’m a big fan of the Maybelline square lipsticked formulas generally – the Vivids offer some
really great, affordable neons with high pigment and lasting power. They also have a  smell that will reminiscent of misspent teenage years.


The Loaded Bolds are similarly pigmented and long-lasting, which is particularly surprising for these weirder, hard to make lip colours.  Gone Griege is a brilliant bitchy and threatening cool brown. Pair this with your best scowl and sunglasses for maximum unapproachability. Though I must point out that it is Maybelline who have spelt “griege” wrong here, and not me. I am a very professional and fastidious writer. Nonetheless, a fun and cool twist on boring old nude.

Midnight Blue is a typically unwearable dark navy; but wearable is just a concept! Blue lips are frostbitten chic! I think if you treat this like you would a purple or red of similar depth, wearing it becomes much easier. You can also blot and dab it for a “just been eating blackberries, or maybe human hearts,” stain.  The Wickedly White is perhaps the trickiest to do. White lips just are a bit weird and difficult to work. If you like it, then of course, I am very proud of you, but on me it just reminds me of Tippex  for your face. However! This lipstick is actually insanely useful as a mixing medium. I love it for dabbing into the centre of a lipsticked mouth for an incredibly easy ombre, or fully mixing it, to lighten an existing lipstick. This sort of trickery was once reserved for fancy makeup artist brands, but no more. Makeup is now an egalitarian utopia.

One small fly in the ointment: I bought these lipsticks in America this summer. But, like all good things, they will inevitably come to the UK about six months to a year later. In the meantime, ladies!

Annie x



Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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