Introducing – Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil

Something about the phrase lip oils makes me think of greasy, eaten-too-much-pizza looking lips. Not that those lips look bad – in fact, slightly irritated, shiny with grease lips are a surprisingly great look. But they’re not very practical. One can hardly eat a slice of pizza every time one needs a lip top up, no matter how much one might want to.


Which is what I can only imagine Clarins were thinking about when they made their
beloved, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils part of their permanent line: How to get that super
bomb, pizza eating look without the impracticality of carrying a pizza everywhere and boy, have they succeeded. I know what you’re thinking: oil on my lips? No thanks, that sounds absolutely foul. But this isn’t oil as you’ve known it, thin and drippy and somehow still a bit drying. This is thick, luxurious oil, more like a regular old gloss. But Oil is more innovative and fancy, right. Plus, gloss has all those sticky connotations, and this isn’t sticky at all. It’s more like a thick, super-shiny balmy glaze.

They come in three varieties – Honey, Raspberry and Red Berry. Together, they look like
beautiful shining jewels in a crown. The colour payoff isn’t humongous (you won’t end up
with weird yellow lips, don’t fret) but it is noticeable. Honey is basically clear with a hint of warmth in tone, Raspberry adds a purplish pink tint, and Red Berry is a warm orange based red. All are sheer, but surprisingly noticeably different. Oh, and they all smell amazing and like their respective names.


They’re housed in luxuriant gold topped tubes with super huge doe foot applicators. Surprisingly, these don’t glob on way too much product – in fact they apply minimally and
evenly. The look left behind is just wonderful. It’s the shiny-shiny, almost glass like lip gloss of your youth. But it doesn’t stick together or become stringy. It just sits on top of your lips, making them look plump, whilst slowly moisturising. Basically, I think these are great. If you love lip gloss, I think you’ll be all in. Similarly, if you think you hate lip gloss, you should definitely try these. They have all the shiny, plumping benefits of gloss without any of the drawbacks. They have the moisturising benefits of a balm without looking boring on your lips.


They’re essentially a best of both worlds type deal, all wrapped up in a glamorous old lady tube. Grease truly is the word.

Annie x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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