The Beauty Blender Vs. Fingers

Vs. is back and better than ever. First up, Annie weighs up whether we should spend £16 on a blender or just use our fingers. It’s a surprisingly difficult choice.

Has there ever been a product more set for world domination than the Beauty Blender? Who would have thought a simple teardrop shaped pink sponge would so set the world alight? It is synonymous with Instagram baddie makeup: without it, full face contouring would never have left the drag scene and emerged, into everyday wear. It is ubiquitous and ubiquitously raved about.

For me, a lazy makeupper at best, the Beauty Blender was never going to be used to seamlessly transition ten shades of foundation in order to paint a new face onto my face. More so, I’m a fan of it to make my base product properly melt into my face, giving me the perfect skin I want and deserve without any trace of cakey coverage. And I must admit, it does damn well at that. Foundation goes on with high coverage but minimal apparent-ness on the skin. It’s pretty ingenious.

But… do you know what else gives a seamless blend to your base? Your hands. Think of them as ten God-given beauty blenders. They are soft, apply a perfect amount of pressure and are small enough to get into every facial nook and cranny. Plus they have the added bonus of blood-warmth, meaning they heat up the product and make it melt into your skin.


The Beauty Blender costs £16. Not eye watering, but also not what you could call an investment. They need replacing, and fairly often, because you soak them with water every day. And even if you clean them, they might not actually be clean – there are a bunch of creepy videos on YouTube of people cutting their BB in half to reveal a mouldy core. This is a thought that, to me, is simply unacceptable.

Fingers are… well, I suppose to purchase, human fingers probably cost a lot more than £16, but luckily you are born with ten for free. They are designed to last a lifetime, and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Never has there been a YouTube video of someone cutting open a finger to reveal it is filled with mould, and if there is then I thank the gods I have not seen it.

Does a Beauty Blender give the most flawless, perfect base? Yes, I think it probably does. I can’t imagine any new invention will do what this does – I think we are living in the pinnacle of good foundation application. What a time to be alive!

But does that perfection come at a cost? Monetarily, yes. And also at a cost of sanity, if you’re someone with a deep seated fear of pressing mould or even just an unclean sponge into your face. As someone who wears a full face probably once a week at most, keeping one of these on hand just isn’t worth the hassle.

If I were a millionaire with absolutely no regard for the environment and could buy BBs in bulk to use disposably, I probably would. It does give an unparalleled finish and makes base and contour take about thirty seconds. But for me, at this stage of my life, it really doesn’t make sense for me to commit to a beauty blending lifestyle. Fingers get the job done, leave my foundation looking similarly seamless, and have the added bonus of already being attached to my body. In the ongoing battle of man vs. nature, nature takes this one for me.

Annie x

Beauty Blender, £16, Beauty Bay / Cult Beauty



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