Introducing Starskin Sheet Masks

If you’re a little late to the sheet masks game, don’t worry, so is Blush writer Annie…


The exciting thing about the beauty world is that it’s constantly changing. And the worst thing about the beauty world is that it’s constantly changing. New products launch every single day, innovation is perpetual and rapid, trends you’ve never heard of become de rigueur before you’ve even had a chance to maintain your super-cool-ahead-of-the-curve image. It’s enough to make me feel like a grandma with a flip out phone case and a Yahoo email address.

Which brings me to sheet masks. Who are you and where did you come from? And how come everyone else on planet earth has tried them but me?


Well, no longer, because I am now part of the sheet mask gang. We wear our terrifying sheet masks and go out and do crimes. Psyche. We just have nice skin and matching smug grins.

The sheet masks in question come from a cute and hot brand called Star Skin and you can buy them from ASOS, handy. The two I tried were the Hydrating and the Brightening Bio-Cellulose Masks.


Application is great fun – you open your pouch of slime, peel the front and back off your face shaped wet patch and apply. I know it’s a boring thing that’s been said loads of times, but you really will look absolutely horrifying while it’s on. Sort of like you have scalped someone else’s face and applied it over your own.

You leave your second face on for twenty minutes, or as long as you like, (in my case, the length of one episode of MTV’s ground-breaking Are You The One?). You’ll feel your dried up prune of a face greedily drinking in all the good ingredients. The Hydrating one has top ingredients like coconut, algae and mysterious herbs like lizard’s tail. The Brightening mask has the addition of coconut and vitamin c rich ingredients like cowslip, purslane and mallow.


Here is my top tip. After removing the front and back film, put them back in the pouch and your pouch back in the cardboard sleeve. Over the next few days, you can use the front and back sections as a shorter sheet mask sesh and the remaining serum goo in the pouch, as a sort of standard mask; so your ‘one use item’ actually goes way further than a session’s worth.


The Starskin duo I tried are both pretty great, but I loved the hydrating one more, but possibly only because my face is drier than it is dull. After both my face felt almost laminated, it was so smooth and soft. Applying this for a bit before doing a big makeup made my skin look almost airbrushed.

So there you go – turns out sheet masks are so bloody popular for a reason. I guess next week I’ll review a pumpkin spiced latte lipstick or something.

Annie x





Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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