Introducing… RMK’s Concentrate Advance Cream

I don’t mean to fetishise a culture or anything, but as a rule, Japanese things are pretty cool. I mean, any country which gives me both Haruki Murakami and sushi (aka the best foods for both mind and body) is ok by me.

Having sorted out both my brain and stomach, the Japanese have set their sights on helping my skin. The RMK Concentrate Advance Cream has thrown the proverbial book at my face and told it to get its act together. This little tub of face magic screams sophistication and has the whole less is more thing down. It also comes with its very own tiny spatula, the universally accepted marker of an expensive, exclusive face cream.


The cream itself looks like an organic and artisanal butter: a warm, creamy yellow, with the silkiest, smoothest texture. Whilst one may fear that something so thick could result in a residue laden face, this melts into the skin. As it’s so rich, a little goes a really long way (important when trying to justify spending a scary amount on beauty products).

RMK Concentrate Advance Cream Review 2.jpg

It’s designed for night time use, because of its intensely hydrating formula and after applying, you wake up feeling like you’ve only just moisturised. (If you have dry skin, you’ll know that this is the leading indicator when it comes to night cream that actually works).

Apparently the reason for this insanely long lasting and intensive hydrating recipe is clever science borrowed from babies. RMK have somehow used two synthetic lipids to mimic the protective skin shield babies are born with. 


The cream also has a bunch of other good skin ingredients like Vitamins B3, E and C and moisturising natural goodies carrot oil and neem extract. It’s basically a moisturising night cream taken to the nth degree, using a combination of clever science, the best of nature and beautiful packaging.

For those who have reached the end of their tether with moisturisers that don’t do their bloody jobs, this might be the closest thing to a miracle that exists in the modern world. Except for sushi and the works of Murakami, of course.



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