Testing the Treatment – Smooth You Dalston – Luxury Pedicure

As readers of Blush will know, I love a good treatment, and I have tried some greats. I’ve been to the outskirts of North London, swanked it up in Mayfair and been to the creme de la creme of neighbourhood classics in Chelsea and Hampstead. It’s been a while since I ventured east for a treatment and considering my hair appointments at Foster and Radio, were so great it’s pretty much a travesty.

I would never really consider Dalston a place to kick back and relax. It doesn’t exactly scream Spa to me. Dive bars and great food yes, facial, not really. But I guess the beauty of ever changing hot spots like Dalston, is that they are always changing, and there is always something or somewhere new to try. Recently I’ve been a bit of a slave to Wahanda, or Treatwell, as it’s now randomly called, which has made life easier, but has seen me getting into a rut. So when I was introduced to Book Your Lifestyle I was excited to try it out. Book Your Lifestyle, like Wahanda, is a salon and treatment booking service, but BYL have some really cool local salons that don’t feel too budget and give you that central London spa feel without the central London trek.

Smooth You is the perfect example. BYL invited me down to sample a luxury pedicure at their Dalston Town Spa which is not the oxymoron it sounds like it would be.


Smooth You is situated in the new age glitzy part of Dalston, just on the cusp of Dalston Lane. There was a Starbucks there for a while, which swiftly made way for a more Dalston friendly independent.

Smooth You is fairly hard to miss and when I entered it felt quite like a throwback to Jo Hansford’s in Mayfair, which is saying a lot. The waiting area is a bright and cosy lounge, bedecked with a swanky TV, the latest magazines and comfy sofas. The reception were very friendly and offered to free me of my baggage, whilst I waited for my beautician. After about five minutes of waiting, my therapist came to pick me up and offered me a drink as I made my way through the surprisingly huge spa, passing by the hair salon which would be big in its own right). The pedicure station was housed in a mirrored side room and had two cream armchairs for feet and two table stations for hands. It would actually be a really fun place to go with three friends, catch up and get preened together.


I went at a fairly random time on a weekday afternoon, so I was luckily enough to have the space to myself.

I perched myself in the semi reclined armchairs with foot basin at the bottom and was pretty set on staying there for the rest of the day. I felt like I was on a private jet, which is a very nice touch for a pedicure, and definitely made the whole experience feel more luxurious.

My therapist was super friendly and as she filled up the tank, she was sure to check it wasn’t too hot and I had everything I needed. Pretty sharpish she got to work on my feet, scrubbing and buffing away the summer. After a few rounds of exfoliation it was time to rehydrate. After applying a tingly minty gel cream, the beautician wrapped my feet in cellophane and popped them into heated booties (definite highlight.)

I kicked back with GQ as my feet tingled in the mini electric blanket boots for about 15 minutes and after it was sadly time to take them off, my beautician got to work on the nails. I’d opted for a deep red from OPI, which was gorgeously glossy on.

I was there for about an hour all in all, but it felt like minutes and I was seriously impressed with the attention to detail and the amount of steps that were included in the time. The salon is a must visit and is open everyday until 9pm so you never have to worry about where to get that wax or touch up after work.

I haven’t seen my feet look this good in years and I couldn’t have left happier.

Even weeks later they’re still polished and much more receptive to moisturiser, plus I actually care about them more; Which just goes to show that it’s worth treating yourself to a treatment every now and then, if only to get yourself back on track.

As part of their Christmas promotion Book Your Lifestyle are giving away over £4,000 worth of prizes in their daily advent calendar.

Jamila x

Smooth You, Luxury Pedicure £45, Book Your Lifestyle

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