Introducing… Leighton Denny Light & Dark Fragrance Cocktailing

Anything with cocktail in the name is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with me. And any beauty experience which allows some, even slightly perfunctory level of creativity is another big tick in my pro column. Plus, like everyone else with a nose, I like nice smells.

The Fragrance Cocktailing Collection from Leighton Denny was thus very appealing to me. It consists of four travel sizes of their Light and Dark collection, in great little jewel like tubes. Each contain 5ml of fragrance, and when bought in a bundle you get the whole lot for under £30, which is kind of them. And the best part is, they can all be worn together in any combination – literally infinite perfume possibilities!


I’m no stranger to wearing more than one fragrance at a time – usually when getting ready I wander around my flat, spraying things at random- but the beauty of this set is, they all go together. I guess it’s something to do with them being within a similar style of fragrance so they don’t clash and leave you smelling weird. I’m not a perfumer, but I am a girl with a nose, so I can say with a fair amount of confidence, it works.

A very cool thing about this set is the variety of scents. You might assume because they are supposed to match well that they’d be similar: not the case. Two of them are actually even unisex, which is a brilliant touch. In the set you get the gold Original which is warm, soft and girly; pink Delightful, which is super fruity and fresh; green Lively, which is fresh and slightly manly; and purple Desire, which is deeper and sexier. I think of them in pairs: Original and Delightful are your typical girlish perfume scents, whilst Lively and Desire are more subtle, nuanced and interesting.


That’s what makes the set so cool. You can mix an extremely wearable, sweet perfume with something slightly manly to add edge. It’s not going full girl-in-boys-fragrance, but it adds a subversive hint to the usual expectation of sugar and spice and all things nice. By mixing the two sides, you get a cool girl, expensive feeling, Byredo-style scent.


My personal cocktails of choice are Delightful with Lively for day and Original with Desire, for night. The best part is, the incredibly handy bottle are refillable. Once you’ve made your cocktail decision (trust me, I know how hard that can be), you need never be without the bottle(s) you need. Bespoke scent, on the go, and all with a name including ‘cocktail?’ I’m sold.

Annie x

Leighton Denny Light & Dark Fragrance Collection, £9.50, LD


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