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I love presents. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. What I love more though is post. Maybe it’s seven years at boarding school, when post was literally the highlight of our week; There was no better feeling than receiving a care pack from home, or no worse feeling when your friend would literally get a hamper full of Haribo, PJs, noodles and all the fine things in life that teenagers appreciate, and you’d help her unwrap her goodies dying inside. It was tough times. Not really; but post is a surefire way of getting my endorphins going. These days most of my post consists of bills, fun. Although actually I don’t really even get bills anymore, as everyone has quite rightly, gone paperless; so when I do get a parcel, especially one that’s unexpected and packaged to perfection, I can rest assured it’s going to be a good day/week/month. 


So on a rainy Monday morning, after returning from an excruciatingly tough gym session at Lomax (it was so hard that I actually can’t lift my arms to type this), I was greeted by a mysterious (and large, yippee) black box on my doorstep, I was intrigued and extremely excited.

I literally had no idea what was in it, the only clue was a printed label with my name and address and the words Beauty Pie embossed on the box. I dumped my shopping in excitement and whipped out the scissors. After literally ripping the outer box open, I was presented with a gorgeous black cardboard box, of a very high grain, with a black ribbon that looked very much like the Net a Porter boxes I often drool over in the christmas ads. It was the best of surprises. After i untied the beautiful bow, in a slightly more civilised fashion this time around, I opened the box to find a note, booklet, card and beautiful makeup set atop a pink background (my favourite colour; very on brand).

The card was a very chic ‘founding members card’, and a note detailing a little about what lay beneath. It read: ‘Welcome to Beauty Pie.. All your Makeup without the Markup.’ Resisting the temptation to dive in and try the products, I read the booklet to get a little more info. 

So what is Beauty Pie, I hear you squeal. Beauty Pie is an online members club for £10 a month, in which they deliver all the makeup you need. In this box I received 5 full size products that on a counter would be worth double to triple that amount each. Anyway, I digress. Beauty Pie members receive 100 credits every month to shop from their range online and have them delivered to their door. Beauty Pie’s USP is that they provide their members with makeup without the markup. This means that you get makeup at factory price; and I must admit it is actually quite shocking how cheap beauty products really are.


I’m sure they’re going to cause quite the stir by revealing these highly guarded beauty secrets. In the booklet they broke down the cost of a lipstick: £1.66 for product and packaging, £0.08 for safety and testing, £0.17 for warehousing, £0.38 for VAT; totalling this to £2.29. This is essentially the price they charge their members and it is staggering. They sell the same lipstick to a non-member for a reasonable £20, which is still less than a YSL, or Charlotte Tilbury. Which just goes to show how much we’re really paying over the odds. They call it cost transparency, I call it a revolution. And you know what Che said about the Revolution. Vive, baby, vive.

So let’s get down to the products. As you may know, I have a relatively justified bee in my bonnet about brands that don’t cater to all skin tones. Not only do Beauty Pie cater to all skin tones, but they had a gorgeous, Armani-esque foundation, in my  shade in the box. I’m not sure how they did it, but I was seriously impressed. Beauty Pie create all of their own products and have used their experience of the industry and grasp of its future, to create very advanced products that we actually want to wear now.

The Everyday Skin foundation, for example: a ‘featherweight, subtle sculpting, photo perfect’ blend. “Ultra lightweight, with high tech micro pearls for a meltway feel that delivers envious soft focus finish and subtle light tricks…like portable ‘good lighting’ for your face” Could it be any more perfect? I tried it on my hand which is now super smooth, even and pretty damn hot. This foundation comes in 8 shades from Ivory to Nutmeg (which it turns out I am; Maybe just a smidgen lighter, but it oxidised well and turned out to be a good match.) As well as the foundation, I received the Uber Volume Boost Mascara, a volumising and lengthening mascara in jet black, with a ‘triple action brush that circles coats and thickens.’ One quick sweep of this and it was like I’d been at it for hours with the Shisheido curler. This really lifts lashes, to give an instant awake looks to your face, and curls to perfection.

Next up was the nude lipstick in cowboy nude, a matte minkish shade that is super creamy and doesn’t feel at all like a traditional cakey matte. I’m rubbing my lips like I’m wearing a gorgeous non petroleum packed lip balm, as I type.  The perfect partner, or evening alternative, is the gloss in Sugar Bun, a similarly minkish nude, that promised to be ‘not-for-a-minute sticky’. ‘One part balm and three parts luminosity, formulated with a high tech, instant -wrapping technology and an infusion of lotus flower.’ Like everything so far, this does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s creamy, not sticky and just generally really nice to wear; which is great as lip gloss is most definitely back. It settled to look even more like lips and had the same smooth and creamy texture of the lipstick. 

Last but not least, I received the One Powder Wonder, which as soon as I spotted it in the booklet, I was hoping was in the box. The Beauty Pie mind readers, did good. The One Powder Wonder, is a translucent powder, and comes in one shade, see-through. It really is like I’ve got nothing on, but managed to reduce my shine and smooth my pores in one sweep, whilst throwing a bit of light reflection into the mix for good measure. It promised to even shine, blur flaws, hide large pores and boost luminosity. Tick, tick, tick, tick. As I write this I feel a bit like I’ve just met Drake and I’ve come over all gushy and intense, but hey. Those of you that read Blush will know I only write about things I love and when I write a rave, it’s pretty justified. This is worth all the words I’ve written and more, but I’m sure most of you haven’t made it this far, as I’ve written plenty and our attention spans are short. But in short, Beauty Pie is awesome. 

The packaging falls somewhere between Bobbi Brown and Marc Jacobs and for £10 a month, I literally don’t know how they’ve done it. Every month you’ll have the chance to try new pieces from their incredibly extensive range. Next on my list are the Pro Glow highlighter (yes please), an Incredi-blur concealer and Moisture Lock Wonderful lip liner, and I literally can not wait. When they wrote that they’d change the way we shop for makeup forever they were definitely not wrong. Rest assured I’ll be cashing in my founding membership and subscribing long after my 3 month trial is up. Because, if this is what the future of beauty is like, I want more than just a slice of this pie.  

Jamila x

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3 thoughts on “Blush Loves – Beauty Pie

  1. Fascinating and a great idea. I think the transparency is fantastic but also they’re not paying for rent, retail space, staff etc which goes to show how much that all costs. It would be interesting to see another brand show their pricing with all their costs too.


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