Introducing – Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

In a world of neutral palettes, there comes a time when enough is enough. I love a bronze wash as much as the next girl, but let’s face it – I have about a hundred bronze wash options at this point. To catch my attention, there has to be something more, something extra.

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Enter: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. This is possibly the internet’s most beloved eyeshadow item of 2016. I doubt you could find even one bad review on it. And with good reason. For me, it’s practically perfect in every way.

For one, I totally dig the packaging. I know a pink velour exterior is impractical and gets dirty; I know cardboard isn’t as hardy as boring old plastic; But it’s just so kitschy and appealing! It reminds me of a combination of a Juicy Couture tracksuit bottom and an overstuffed sofa belonging to your grandma.

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Also: the shades! Even if you aren’t partial to a slightly sick-looking, conjunctivitis eye, they are full time stunners. Love Letter and Venetian Red are perfect ‘cute’ colours, but if that’s not your bag, there are a whole bunch of warm-neutral goodies. I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t look good in Warm Taupe, Buon Fresco or Raw Sienna.

The majority of the palette is matte, but you get two proper shimmers (Vermeer and Primavera) and a satin type deal (Antique Bronze). The shimmers can be used lightly on top of any matte to add shine, and are also amazing foiled for a light, festive, metallic eye. One would think that a primarily matte palette wouldn’t be as fun or as versatile, but for some reason, the combination of these mattes and colours is magic.

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Normally I’m from the school of “glitter is better,” but this palette has me questioning whether I truly know myself at all. Everything you need is here, and you have a butt load of brilliant crease transition shades which are consistently missing from other palettes – so it’s a great supplement, too.

Oh…and the formula of these mattes, my word. They’re super soft, yet somehow non crumbly. They’re intensely pigmented, yet somehow extremely easy to blend. It’s some kind of witchcraft, for sure, but I’m ok with it.

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One final thing to mention: I think this palette is the perfect winter blues purchase. What’s the opposite of blue? Red, duh! So red eyeshadow is a guaranteed* mood lifter (*not guaranteed). It’s super cold outside, and what’s the opposite of cold? Warm. So warm tones are obviously your perfect fed-up-of-this-weather antidote.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Eye Palette, £41, Cult Beauty

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