Introducing the Body Shop Instablur

In a world of snapchat filters and ten foot posters of poreless skin, a blur is very much an appealing idea. Why must we always be seen in such high focus? What happened to sepia? What happened to a nice oil painting? What happened to a flattering drawing of you on the wall of a cave?

In all seriousness, though, a blur over your problem areas is one of the easiest ways to pull your look together – and the Body Shop’s Instablur range promises just that. A facial primer which blurs pores and uneven texture and tone, Instablur Universal controls oils to makes you face last longer.

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Instablur Eye is similar but has a sheer yellow tint, which brightens up red-toned or discoloured eyelids. It looks good on its own, or under shadows to help intensify their pigment and make them last longer.


Both are housed in nice, minimalist packaging, with the added hygienic benefits of being in  a tube. They feel pretty similar to the touch – that typical, silky, silicone feel. The Instablur Eye is more intensely oil controlling. Whilst the face primer is great at aiding makeup longevity, it doesn’t make the face overly matte or dry. It leaves a velvety finish under makeup, but you can simply amp up dew with a face mist, or luminous foundation. This has fast become one of my most successful recipes for a long lasting base.

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The real place where the Instablur range kicks ass, though, is the smoothness. Its silicone ingredients fill in pores and form a protective film over fine lines, so foundation can’t gather or crease. On eyes, the effect is amazing: shimmers go on in an almost foiled way, while mattes blend seamlessly without building up in eye creases. You can even use it under an eye gloss to increase the (still fairly pitiful) longevity, by giving it something to cling on to.

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So: primer – do you need it? Actually, it turns out, probably. I always thought it seemed like another unnecessary product (*cough* scam) designed to make you spend your money and time on your face instead of your true life calling, but the Body Shop have convinced me that there’s something special in those little tubs. Call it magic. Call it a whole bunch of silicone. All I know is, when you’re out partying post-office with no need for a touch up, you’ll be thankful.

Annie x

Instablur, from £10, Body Shop

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