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I reviewed Time Bomb, way back when I started Blush. I remember the press launch so clearly. I was super nervous and kind of hanging around the display, when the lovely founder, Gail Federici came over to chat. What I didn’t know until the event, was that Gail was formerly CEO at John Frieda and was responsible for those girls and ‘that’ haircut. I still, so vividly, remember seeing the John Frieda Ads, with two twins with matching and the flicked out bobs, as a teen. It turns out they were Gail’s daughters and it was a last-minute moment of genius. With such a huge legacy to live up to, there was no chance that Time Bomb wouldn’t be great.


When I first tried Time Bomb, I tried their three Complexion Cocktails- a highly concentrated booster injected with either Omega, Chlorophyll or B12. I particularly loved the shot of H2O Omega. Luckily for me, this is the one I was set to try again. So what’s changed? First of all the packaging. Long gone is the all-over green, the packaging is  whiter, cleaner and much more cabinet friendly; and there’s something about it that seems so practical. The formula seems to have changed too. Slightly thicker and more of a gel-like liquid, which I definitely prefer, as I feel it is much more happily absorbed by skin (and not my cotton wool.) It also smells like the coconut has gone up a notch, but I’m not complaining. It’s really the only time I actually enjoy the smell of coconut (which is surprisingly nice first thing in the morning.)

Formulated with chia seed oil, amongst other things, Complexion Cocktail H20, is great for after cleansing and toning, to restore much needed moisture to skin. The glow this gives is truly awesome. Definitely back on my top shelf.


As well as trying an old favourite, I tested out a few newbies. My two must-haves are the Take-off Time Cleanse + Buff and the Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask.

Take-off Time, is a super creamy cleanser in a jumbo tub. Boosted with subtle crystals, this 2-in-1 beauty gently exfoliates and polishes, without over-drying. It smells like good skincare and is super silky on skin. I absolutely love it.



Last on my list, is the Instawow, Time Bomb’s newest product. I first sampled this during a facial with Time Bomb ambassador, Michaella Bolder. What’s great about Instawow, is that you can instantly feel it working. Upon contact, the gel is quickly transformed into a fizzy cream, which kind of feels like a facialist is massaging it into your skin. Its citrus extracts give skin a brightening boost and after drying my face, my complexion was noticeably clearer, smoother and generally more even. This is a seriously smart product. Like a facialist in a bottle.

Jamila x

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