Get the Look – Poker Straight Hair 2.0

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty lost when Kim Kardashian disappeared from the social sphere. I was also pretty shocked, that I cared. Like an addict going through withdrawals, I Googled her at least once a week, just to get a Kardashian fix. It was a tough time, but thankfully it’s over (and more importantly, all of the naysayers have been proven wrong. Yes it was real, and yes you are heartless.) Anyhoo. As Kim re-emerged from the social shadows, with a barrage of family photos, many focused on the fact that she’d stopped wearing her ring (er wouldn’t you?), seemed a little sombre and had perhaps an unhealthy love of the blue filter. I however, only saw one thing. That poker straight hair. In fairness Kim had been rocking it before the robbery, flipping it in slow mo, with the queen of the poker straight centre-parted do- Naomi. What was different this time though, was that not only had she added a lip ring (I’m waiting to see if this will catch on), but her hair had doubled in length. This to me was the power look.

The inspiration:

As aforementioned, Ms Campbell has been rocking super long straight hair for decades, but it suddenly seems so fresh; and Kim and Naomi aren’t the only ones who think so. Championed on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week by Versace, Donatella’s girls, including: Jourdan Dunn, Gigi and Bella Hadid, stormed the catwalk, alongside Naomi, all donning her signature look.

Whether you rock it with a lip ring or not, super straight centre-parted hair is the look of 2017, so get yourself on AliExpress and get those 30″.

Get the Look:

Whilst you want your hair to be poker straight you don’t actually want to destroy it. Use 1-2 pumps of Hair oil on damp hair

My favourite luxe hair oils, have to be Ojon, Onira and Charlotte Mensah’s. They’re all great for a variety of hair types and their rich formulas mean a little goes a long way. Onira’s smells like a spa, Ojon’s is a classic and good if you’re looking for an oil targeted to your specific hair needs/condition. Charlotte’s Manketti is great for really nourishing the hair, particularly, thicker or curlier styles.

For fine hair that needs strengthening up, Grow Gorgeous’ Strengthening Oil, is a super lightweight herbal blend.

After nourishing hair, be sure to protect. I like to do this before and after blow-drying hair, to be sure I’m not sizzling the ends.  Every brand out there has a heat protection spray, and if I’m honest I haven’t really noticed much difference. What I would say though, is that I prefer not to use liquid Heat Protectors, as I’m super impatient and can’t wait for it to dry; meaning I always hear the inevitable sizzle. With this in mind, I’m a big fan of the Paul Mitchell’s Hot off the PressA nice time-friendly aerosol.

Using a fine-tooth tail comb, part hair into a precise centre parting and begin straightening section by section. The smaller the better, so give yourself a good half an hour.


I’ve just started using the Lee Stafford Academy Hair straighteners which are awesome. They’re digital, which is very 2017, and means that you’re not restricted to a specific heat temperature; you can just increase or decrease as you wish. I like to turn them up high to heat up, and then reduce to a secure 100-degree temp. The only difference between these and GHDs is the price. These are great value for money. Titanium plated, and easy to grip all the way round, they glide through hair with ease and just make the whole straightening experience a bit easier and more fun.

Finally, finish with a drop or two of serum. My all time fave is Sebastian Professionals’ Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir, which is sadly finished, so I’ve been trying the 72 Repairing oil, which is  a really good replacement and leaves hair super silky.

Watch Kiomi.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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