Testing the Treatment – KUB Hair

As someone with naturally Afro hair, my coverage of Afro hair salons is severely lacking. So my resolution for the new year, is to be better.

Anyone with Afro hair will understand the struggle of the hairdressers. It takes ages to find one you like and when you do, you end spending your whole day in it. Which is why when KUB invited me down, (by appointment may I add!) to try out their hair extensions, I didn’t waste any time.  One of the many great things about KUB is that it’s super easy to find. All you need is an overground, as it’s literally next door to Surrey Quays station.

When I arrived with my half dried fro in a state of disarray, I was instantly greeted by a smiling and super friendly lady, with seriously good hair. I knew I was going to be in good hands.

After waiting for my stylist’s last appointment to finish up (she was making a custom wig, which was very impressive,) I was dressed in a KUB branded robe – all black except for the words KUB enthroned by a gold crown. The perfect Insta accessory.

After confessing to my lovely stylist that I hadn’t actually finished drying my hair, she gave me a quick once over with the dryer and we were ready to roll. When I say a quick once over, it was oiled and blow dried so well that I could have been on my way then, but considering KUB had just one an award for their extension installs, I wasn’t going anywhere.

As my stylist began to cornrow my now luscious locks, we got to talking: about her background- she’d trained at Toni & Guy before moving to KUB; how to maintain (/contain) my hair; and the different types of frontal/closure. As a frontal novice I was umming and aahing at the time between a lace closure and leave out- I ended up being brave and going for the lace, which was a good shout and something I’d definitely do again.

Once I’d decided on a lace closure I was immediately presented with a gorgeous 1B closure, made of of featherweight Peruvian hair, packaged in pretty pink box (which is also available to but online.) One thing I would add, though is that, when applying the lace closure my stylist attached it to an elastic, which she measured around my head, before cutting it to size. As a newbie to the lace, I didn’t realise that it would actually be staying in- as when she asked if it was too tight I politely said no; this is something I definitely will keep in mind in future, as I probably could have down with a little more wiggle room.

What I loved most about my cornrow though, was how small and flat they were; I’d never seen my hair so compact and with a foundation this good, I was confident I would have a great finish. My stylist began to weave in the extensions, with awe inspiring ease and we nattered away to the sound of vibes, talking about the salon and how it had begun.

As KUB stands for Kanni’s Undiscovered Beauty, I was most intrigued to find out who Kanni actually was and whether she’d be making an appearance. It turned out that Kanni was the name of the owner’s sister, whom he had sadly lost a few years prior. Learning about how he had taken such tragic circumstances and chosen to honour her, whilst not allowing himself to be floored by grief, was incredibly admirable and truly inspiring.

Within no time, my hair was done and I was super impressed by the fact that my stylist actually styled my hair after.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

First she cut off the straggly edges, leaving me with a gorgeous blunt cut that made my hair look even more natural. And the fringe she fashioned, was the perfect face framing length.

She then curled my hair into ringlets, which over the coming days fell out into a natural looking body wave, that I have been trying to emulate ever since.

After finishing up, I was made to feel like a celeb as the whole team proceeded to take pictures in praise of her great work. This was something they do for every client who is willing; allowing prospective and existing customers to judge their work via their website.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

This is one of the many reasons I think KUB are really ahead of the game and a must visit for anyone with afro hair, looking for a great wash, weave or wig. KUB are so transparent, so friendly and really understand what their modern customer wants. It was a truly lovely afternoon and I was in and out in 2 and a half hours; which is extraordinary considering I had my natural hair blown out, cornrowed, weaved, cut and curled.

If you can’t get over to KUB, I’d definitely recommend trying their hair via their online shop; but if you’re in London, it is an absolute must visit.

Jamila x

For more information on KUB, visit: kannisbeauty.com


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