Introducing – Chantecaille Foundation, Vital Essence & Matte Chic

In her last piece for Blush, Annie introduces us to Chantecaille…

Chantecaille is a brand that has always seemed a little out of my league. In spite of what you may think, glamorous, I’m not. I love makeup and skincare and all things luxe, but at heart I think I’m secretly quite low maintenance.


Chantecaille, on the other hand, is anything but. It’s a family started, French (and therefore sophisticated) company, specialising in, whacking in as many active botanical ingredients in as high as concentration as possible. Everything they do just screams luxury – their products combine all of the natural good stuff, with a whole load of scientific innovation. But guess what – there are no rules about who can and can’t use the fancy stuff. Even a scrub like me can get on board with some fancy lady, HBIC business. And surprise surprise, these products are all extremely lovely, and using them makes me feel a tiny bit lovelier by association.


First is the Future Skin Foundation. Future skin sounds like something I definitely want to be a part of – I’m imagining some sort of robot magic. What this foundation lacks in robot
magic, it makes up for in unbelievable undetectability. And I’m not talking about typical
tinted moisturiser undetectability, (by which I mean you basically look the same before as
after) – this stuff gives build-able medium coverage but looks just like skin. It is some of the best foundation trickery I’ve ever seen. You look simultaneously polished and perfect, yet effortless and natural. It also has antioxidant and calming ingredients like arnica and aloe. One caveat: it’s £60, by far the most expensive base I own. Handle with care.


Next is the Vital Essence, essentially a serum of 95.5% active botanicals in the signature
Chantecaille rosewater base. It’s honestly one of the most hydrating things I’ve ever rubbed on my face. It seems like a light, gel texture, but it sinks in almost like a balm, leaving skin plump and slightly sheeny. Any moisturiser you put on top proceeds to work overtime. It also (and I know this shouldn’t matter, but let’s face it: it does) comes such cool packaging. It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. Basically, all the white patterns around the clear serum are actually white serum When you pump it out you get a bit of each,
sort of like an extremely fancy toothpaste.


Last but not least is a new launch for the brand: their Matte Chic. This is basically a luxurious brand’s take on the ever problematic liquid lipstick. I have the shade Jerry, which is a sort of warm, pink neutral with a hint of brown, if that makes any sense. It’s very nice, anyway: the sort of unusual yet sophisticated colour you’d expect from a high end brand.

Unlike a traditional liquid lipstick, these don’t go on like a paint which sets, dries and inevitably cracks. This is more of a traditional matte lipstick in a liquid form. It goes on opaquely and without difficulty, doesn’t bleed or feather, but doesn’t exactly set down. You get the matte effect, and a reasonable amount of longevity, but not an all-day miracle. The bonus to this, of course, is that this fades off in an even, subtle manner, unlike the patching and peeling of a more ‘long-wearing’ formula.

Annie x

La Mer UK


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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