Monday Blues? The Dior AW17 Show will give you that much-needed boost

We already know that Maria Grazia Chiuri, wants us all to ‘be Feminists’, but for her AW17 collection; instead of emblazoning this message across instagrammable t-shirts, this was cleverly sown into the fabric of her seemingly sombre – and all blue -collection.

Her message could be felt in the black panther inspired leather berets, the small bags strapped across the body (so its wearer could be in the throes of the action;) and in the utilitarian denim overalls, and seemingly waterproof silk taffeta.

This was a collection for the campaigner, and more significantly campaigning in. It was an offering for the activist, and the pro active. Of course Chiuri’s old codes at Valentino, and new codes at Dior were evident: corset topped diaphanous dresses and an abundance of beading, made it clear that this was Chiuri doing what she does best.

It was a collection wholly considerate of the modern woman: what she wants to wear and more significantly, say. Subtle in its empowerment, but a call to action nonetheless.

Following on so seamlessly from her debut, whilst paying homage to Mr Dior, it seemed that Maria Grazia, was no longer suggesting that we should all be feminists; and instead, quite rightly, assuming that we already were.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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