Blush Visits – Oslo, Hackney

My first memory of Oslo is turning up at around midnight on a Saturday night, with my phone in a box of rice. Suffice to say it had been quite the eventful day. Which swiftly turned into an equally entertaining night. When my pal was down from Paris a few weeks ago, I knew it would be the perfect place to start our night. Oslo is really at the centre of Hackney. 2 seconds away from Hackney Central station, and one of the few bars in Hackney I can actually find on my own!

So we decided to start with dinner and see where the night took us.

Oslo Hackney food review

Visiting Oslo for dinner is a totally different experience to rocking up in the middle of the night. What I was most surprised about was how the vast space felt instantly more cosy and laid back. We were seated at the back of the restaurant by the window. It was a lovely seat, allowing for people watching outside, but quite annoying as we soon realised it was the makeshift path to the loos. Something that by the end of our meal, did become rather irritating, especially because of a private party upstairs and a seemingly never ending entourage of guests.

That aside the setting was great, and a lovely space to eat in that didn’t feel too restauranty, but definitely a step up from a Gastro pub.


We opted for the Polse – a flame grilled Norwegian sausage, with horseradish favoured beetroot and sourdough, and the baba ghanoush, to start. To be honest, the Baba Ghanoush wasn’t great, (and seems to have been removed from the menu), but the Polse. Oh my! I could’ve eaten that all night. The sausage had so much flavour. Rich like a merguez sausage, with the texture of a grilled frankfurter. It was divine! And the beetroot and sourdough, the ideal accompaniment.

Next up was the main. My pal went for the 8oz Rib-eye, which looked incredible and he said tasted great (which truly is a compliment, from a discerning frenchman). I  went for the ‘healthy’ option of Spatchcock chicken, which at the time was served up with giant cous cous. The chicken was great, but the cous cous didn’t pack the same flavoursome punch as the mouthwatering Polse. The Spatchcock has now been updated with potatoes and garlic butter, which I think would be ideal.

We washed our meal down with the Pinot Noir, which wasn’t as juicy as most pinots I’ve tried – but went down a treat nonetheless!

All in all, we had a fantastic time at Oslo and the service was stellar. We were encouraged to hang around for the DJ, which we duly did. It was the perfect start to the night, and I still have food fantasies about that Norwegian sausage!

Jamila x

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