Introducing… Epara Skincare

We all know we’re supposed to take care of our skin and thanks to a post-teen dabble in the Clinique 3 -step programme, most of us know what skin type we are. I have the pleasure of being Combination: which basically means I’m a little of everything. A bit dry here and a bit oily there, with a little normality thrown in for good measure. What is slightly more difficult to discern is what skincare products you should actually use.

I’ve always been quite lucky in the fact that my skin is naturally tanned, only suffers from the occasional breakout, and is fairly plump (this may actually be bloating from too many biscuits, but let’s say plump for my own peace of mind.) Anyway, as always, I digress. One thing that is the bane of my face, however, is my uneven skin tone. If you are dark-skinned or rich in melanin, you will notice that without make-up your skin is a sea of different colours: dark circles under the eyes, muddy marks from those spots, you just had to squeeze, and any little blemish that has made it through to the surface. And whilst I am eternally grateful, that I tan in seconds and don’t have to deal with redness, it is a pain.


Luckily, I was invited down to the Charlotte Street Hotel on a balmy afternoon, to meet legendary makeup-artist Kay Montano; who would be introducing, the founder of new luxury skincare brand Ozohu Adoh, of Epara.

Epara, which means ” to cocoon oneself” in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira, is a luxury skincare offering, for women of all ethnicities, but primarily, women of colour. Founded, by Adoh, who like all great entrepreneurs, created something for herself that she could see was massively lacking in the market.

epara 21

The range, which is stocked at Harrods and Epara online, is made up of a select edit of skincare essentials, in seriously exquisite packaging. There’s the best-selling Cleansing oil, with accompanying Lotion; the balancing face oil, that Montano swears by, and hydrating serums and eye creams; all packed with natural aromatherapy oils, such as: geranium and sandalwood.

What really sets Epara apart though, is the bio-chemistry behind it. Developed by Adoh herself, every product in the range, contains Plankton: a micro-algae specifically designed to target hyper pigmentation in the skin. The ultra-intelligent plankton, exclusively treats trouble spots, instead of creating an overall lightening effect; something that much of Adoh’s target market, suffering from hyper-pigmentation, will no doubt appreciate, and continue to come back for.

Epara is full of clever solutions and attention to detail, even down to the self-dosing toppers that enable its users to get the perfect amount of oil, without dropping the bottle due to slippery fingers.

Adoh’s gamble on the belief that women of colour are craving for more luxury products with them in mind, is bound to prove a smart one. Much like her hyper-intelligent and stunning brands. Here’s to clear skin, wrapped up beautifully.

Jamila x


Stuart Weitzman


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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