Testing The Treatment: London’s Best Local Waxes

Regular readers of Blush, will know how much I love a good a treatment. Full body massages, blow dries, facials; I’ll take them all. There are a few necessary evils that when the time comes, I always dread: threading (it looks awesome but there is no pain quite like it) and waxing. Eyebrow waxing: is a doddle, I can do it all day every day. The bikini wax? Now that’s a different story.

More so than with any other treatment, my pain threshold with waxing is wholly dependant on who is doing it. The first wax I ever had: excruciating, but that’s to be expected. As time goes on, the bikini wax hurts less and less (as the hair grows finer and finer,) but if you’re in the hands of a rusher, novice or someone who forgets there’s a body attached to their hot wax: you’re in trouble.

As I continue on my mission to trial all of London’s salons (yeah might take a while), it suddenly seemed the right time, to go local and see what London’s, many burgeoning neighbourhoods have in store.

Ashtone Beauty Box Review

First up was Ashtone’s Beauty Box: a neighbourhood salon, down the road from Hammersmith station. As a newish Westy, it was the perfect opportunity to find a local spot. Ashtone’s Beauty Box is situated just off the main road and stands out like a beacon, on a strip of Georgian houses. Painted in crisp white, Ashtone’s is the sort of spot you wish was in every neighbourhood. Despite being a ‘local’ salon it has all the glamour of a Soho spot.

It’s no surprise really, when you meet the owner Ashtone, who I was fortunate enough to be waxed by. Once you enter, the all white salon has two floors: a manicure spot on the ground floor and a cute treatment room upstairs. The whole salon is super Instagrammable and would be the perfect place, to have a girls afternoon, or hen party pamper session.

Ashtone Beauty Box - Salon Review - West London- Local Salon

You can really see the love that went into building it, which Ashtone did all on her own. The wax itself was fab and like all good waxes was over before I knew it. As we chatted and Ashtone slathered on the hot pink wax, legs went up and came down and it was over before we had even finished chatting.

Ashtone is a wonderful woman and such a gracious business owner. I probably would’ve had another wax, just so we could finish chatting.

1 Ashtone Beauty Box - Salon Review - West London- Local Salon

After winning the waxing lottery over at Ashtone’s, I had come to the conclusion that my next spot couldn’t be any better. Then I met Maz from So Me.

Where do I begin? Let me start by saying, Maz is a legend!

I was actually meant to be trialling a wax at the Clapham Junction So Me, which is supposed to be a little swankier, and more of a spa-like chill spot. Luckily I was in the area and the ladies were so accommodating in letting me switch.

So Me Clapham North is quite possibly the most conveniently located salon ever.

Situated opposite Clapham High St Overground and less than a minute’s walk from Clapham North station, So Me is a must-visit: if you live in Clapham, Stockwell, Brixton, or even Dulwich.

so me 2

As Maz informed me, So Me CN is the spot you come to if you’re in a rush, on your way home from work, on your way out to party, or are just looking for a convenient and fuss-free treatment; And I can totally see why.

It’s easy to get to, the service is stellar and the speed unreal!

Honestly this may have been the fastest and most painless wax I’ve ever had. Yep ever!

I was truly in and out in (from front door- back to front door) in 20 minutes. 20 minutes for a Brazilian hot wax. Unheard of.

so me

This is all unsurprising when you discover that Maz trained with the fastest waxer in the world, has been waxing for 20 years, and actually teaches budding beauticians how to wax.

She’s also super friendly. We instantly bonded over growing up in Clapham and our love for Jackets (the much missed, jacket potato restaurant on the High St. Ah good times).

The first few strips were utterly painless. Literally no pain, not even a flinch; but I had assumed that was because I’d she was doing the edges. The next strips came and went with the occasional ooh (but to be honest, it was more because I felt I should- you know having a wax and all.)

so me clapham review

Six minutes later it was over. It actually took me longer to get dressed and undressed. And by no means was this a botch job. I was plucked, oiled and not left with one scrap of wax on me. It was in fact so smooth, that I was tempted to take a selfie, but being a business owner and all/women with some decorum, decided it was probs not the best thing to put on the Internet. As I headed for the door, shocked that I was already on my way home, the  delightful receptionist gave me a beaming smile as I left, sealing the deal as this being one of my best waxing experiences.

You heard it here first: Maz at So Me, Clapham North, is the best waxer in town. So much so, that I’m now considering moving back to Clapham.

Jamila x

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

Ashtone’s Beauty Box, 12 Greyhound Rd, London, W6 8NX. Ashtonesbeautybox.com

So Me Clapham North, 21 Clapham High St, London, SW4 7TR. So-me.me


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