10 Things We Want from Mango

In the last decade, Mango has definitely become Zara’s forgotten sister, but to overlook this High-St heavyweight would be a big mistake. Being the under dog, has enabled the brand to re-evaluate, and offer up a seriously good selection of affordable classics; (and you’re far less likely to see someone in the same outfit as you.) Here are just some of the pieces we’ll be adding to our baskets over the Holidays.

Lapels Faux Fur Coat, £99.99, Mango

Back Vent Sweater, £19.99, Mango


Chunky Knit Sweater, £49.99, Mango


Acetate Frame Sunglasses, £17.99, Mango


Polka-dot Long Jumpsuit, £59.99, Mango


Wrapped Satin Dress, £39.99, Mango


Cut-out Detail Dress, £19.99, Mango


V-Neckline Oversize Sweater, £49.99, Mango


Crystal Slingback Shoes, £49.99, Mango


Soho Skinny Jeans, £35.99, Mango



Jamila x







Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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