Killer Combos: Dr Dennis Gross C + Serum x Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Booster

The world is full of powerful pairings: Michelle and Barack, Lizzie and Phillip, jam and scones, socks and sandals, the list goes on. When it comes to beauty, we all have our own helpful hacks, whether that’s powder before foundation Jackie Aina style, or layering up our skincare, inspired by the Korean 12-step routine.

For me there are many, so over the next few months, I’ll be revealing my favourite beauty pairings. The bellinis to my smoked salmon if you will.

First up is Dr Dennis Gross’ C + Collagen Brighten + Firm Vitamin C Serum x Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster-Vitamin C Serum. (wordy!)

On their own they are two lightweight and lovely serums. Together they are a dream.

Dr Dennis’ serum when slathered on, gives my skin an immediate and youthful bounce. You can feel your skin instantly rejecting gravity’s pull.

I will admit, initially the smell isn’t great, but you do quickly become accustomed to its ‘unique’ whiff.

On its own it is good, but strangely lacking. So I found myself searching for something to add that certain Je ne sais quoi. Enter the Paula’s Choice C15 booster. This ultra lightweight serumesque liquid, was far too fine for me to use on its own, but when tapped into skin, on top of Dr Dennis’ collagen booster, it is is the perfect sealant; giving skin an extra layer of luminescence.

It is reassuringly odourless and lightweight, to the point you really feel like you have nothing on.

The plumpness of your skin, or a quick glance in the mirror is reassurance enough – that not only do you have something on, but you have on something killer.

Formulated with a blend of 15% stabilised vitamin C, potent antioxidants including vitamin E and ferulic acid, and skin-smoothing peptides, the Paula’s Choice C15 booster is the perfect partner Dr Dennis’ vitamin C-infused formula, which features CoQ10. This serum recharges skin to maximise vitamin C intake, for accelerated repair and protection, helping to build collagen and brighten the complexion.

If you’re looking for the perfect serum duo, to replace or precede your moisturiser, this is it.

Jamila x


Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster, £45, Lookfantastic; Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Serum, £79, Cult Beauty


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