Introducing – Indeed Labs 10 Balm

The transition between seasons can be hard on skin. Particularly at this time of year, when temperatures swing erratically between “spring has sprung” and “quite literally snowing.” The fresh air (read: icy blizzards) hitting your precious face day by day can take a toll, particularly when combined with harsh central heating. And by a toll, I’m talking chapped, scaly patches, redness, peeling and the general look of facial nappy rash. Hot.

One product that I’ve been hugely reliant on recently for relieving these signs of strife is the Indeed Labs 10 Balm. You may know Indeed for their star product Hydraluron – basically the first drugstore serum and many people’s (including me) gateway drug into skincare. The brand is all about efficacy, no frills and potent ingredients which deliver results.

Their 10 Balm is so named because of its cocktail of 10 of the most soothing ingredients, to deliver comfort and relief to stressed out, irritated or compromised skin. Natural ingredients like honey, for soothing ‘n’ smoothing, and arnica, for its antiseptic and antibacterial prowess, are combined with more scary sounding science guys like bisabolol, which tackles skin ageing concerns.

The 10 Balm also leaves out any potential irritants like fragrance, colour, and parabens, alongside actives like acids or vitamin C, to deliver maximum soothing with minimum risk.

It comes in a hygienic and handy tube, in the signature modern and minimal Indeed Labs style. What’s inside is a fairly thick, yellow-toned cream (sort of the texture of quite expensive custard). Balm, perhaps, is not quite the right name for it. It’s not oily, rather it’s emollient and quick to absorb. Skin retains a light glowy sheen afterwards, but I think even oily complexions would enjoy the hydrating and soothing properties.

After the irritation is sorted, you may be tempted to keep using it as a daily moisturiser – particularly if you’re more sensitive or prone to irritation. It works brilliantly under makeup, and can double up as a day and night cream, thanks to its combination of quick absorption and luxurious hydration, minus greasy residue.

And, like all Indeed products, it’s well priced at £19.99 – and often (pssst – currently) on offer at Boots.

Annie x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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