Introducing… Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair

For those who may fall into the category of ‘stylistically challenged’ when it comes to hair, such as myself, a good texturizing spray can be a total godsend. They can take hair from “messy by accident” to “messy on purpose” – which is a huge distinction. Plus, the effort is minimal, and the skill required is next to none. If you can aim a nozzle and press a button, you’re basically good to go.

Yet, there are many things that a texturizing spray can get wrong. They can be too powdery, too stiff, smell weird, spray inconsistently, and generally make you look distinctly un-hot. As someone who aspires to be hot, this is a problem.

Which is why I’m such a fan of the new Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair. Firstly, the name. How hot is bedroom hair? Literally, hair from the bedroom – the sexiest of all the rooms. Don’t mind if I do.


But aside from that, this product actually stands up to its fantastic implicit promises. It delivers hot girl hair for the lazy, lacking in skill and temporally challenged. And it does so wonderfully.

Unlike other texturizing sprays, Bedroom Hair adds volume and grit but doesn’t mattify. In fact, it adds a beautiful, subtle sheen, which makes hair look healthy and soft. It’s almost like the YSL Glossy Stain of hair products – it seals everything in, making styles last, but also gives a hint of polish. It perfectly nails, undone yet done hair.

There are three ways I like to use Bedroom Hair. The first is as a one-n-done styler. Literally, wash your hair, allow to air dry, then spray through the mid lengths while scrunching and twisting. It gives shape, minimizes fluff and frizz, but also does away with that first day slippiness which makes hair impossible to do anything with.

The second way is as a modern take on traditional hairspray. After styling with heat (or, as is more often the case with me, plaits), a quick mist of Bedroom Hair locks style in without ever looking crispy, flaky or overly lacquered. It’ll also boost volume for a bouncier, more dramatic vibe.

The final way I’ve been enjoying Bedroom Hair is almost as a dry shampoo. A problem I have with a lot of dry shampoos is how horrifically unhealthy they make roots look. They absorb grease, but at the same time take any sort of life out of hair, making it look almost like a cheap wig. Because of the sheeny element to Bedroom Hair, this problem is mitigated. The grease absorbing prowess is perhaps not as fantastic, but it certainly boosts roots and gives an extra day before you need to do hair laundry.

A final word: the scent. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s definitely reminiscent of a perfume I like. It’s sweet, light and powdery, and it lasts but is unlikely to clash with any perfume you’re wearing. If you struggle to achieve the hot girl hair you know you deserve, you could do a lot worse than Bedroom Hair.

Annie x

Kevin Murphy, Bedroom Hair, £21

 Charlotte Tilbury


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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