Introducing… Vapour Organic Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

When it comes to makeup, in spite of my intense love for it, I am fundamentally quite lazy. I’ve accepted it, and therefore no one can use it against me. I probably wear makeup twice a week, and when I do it’s usually as few products as possible. Except when it comes to glitter, but that’s really another story.


Unlike many who profess to love a no-makeup-makeup vibe, my skin is not always in the best of conditions. In fact, sometimes it feels like every single pore on my face is clogged up, and no amount of clay masking and acid toning can provide a quick fix. Do you know what can provide a quick fix? Foundation. Specifically, stick foundation. Even more specifically, the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation.

Stick foundations are great for when you want to look better, but want to spend a mere matter of seconds on the job. Simply scribble on, blend with a brush, sponge or even fingers, and you’re done. Plus, you can target coverage specifically where you want it, while allowing patches of your natural skin to shine through – key to fooling everyone that you’re going makeup free.

Vapour Organic Beauty’s offering to the stick foundation game is particularly great. It has the whole ease of application factor down, but unlike the typical preconceived notions of stick foundations, this is lightweight, blendable and gives a glowy, natural looking finish. It’s a medium coverage, which can be both built up and sheered out, and never looks heavy or cakey.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

The product is very hydrating, designed to smooth over wrinkles and blur out pores. It’s recommended for drier skin types, but I’m on the oilier side and love the dewy, fresh finish. A trade-off for this signature glow is lasting power – but when top ups are this easy, it doesn’t really matter.

Vapour Organic Beauty have the ethos of blurring lines between skincare and beauty. Their products are green and clean, and their makeup often contains skin-boosting ingredients. The Luminous Foundation is full of organic oils and plant extracts to hydrate and soothe. Many of their products are posed as alternatives to your current non-environmentally friendly, non-vegan and non-natural products, making the notoriously tricky transition into green beauty that little bit easier.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

Another bonus? The shade range. Although it’s not as wildly extensive as some others, it runs the full spectrum from fair to deep, and doesn’t just shove one darker colour into the range in the name of “diversity.” Plus, the product is so lightweight and blendable, I think the majority could find a satisfactory shade match here. And if you’re really getting fancy, you could buy two and get into a whole contour-highlight thing. But, as I said, lazy.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Review

One of the biggest beauty struggles I face (yes, life is hard) is how to achieve the no-makeup look while still feeling made up. Vapour offers a solution to this, while also cleverly tapping into the lazy girls market. Touché.

Annie x


Vapour Organic Beauty, Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, £31,


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