Blush Loves… Erno Laszlo

I’ve always struggled to find a makeup remover. Not an eye makeup remover – for which there are many. As an advocate of unabashed slapp, I’ve always been the friend who has primed, concealed, foundationed and set. For some a swish of mascara or swipe of a red lippy is enough to impart confidence. For me, a full face is my armour.

Last year saw the rise of the Korean 12 step skincare routine, and most importantly the concept of the double cleanse. I’ve always been left with remnants of makeup when I tone, so this oil based pre step, was a real winner. Most make up removing pre cleansers are gorgeous balms that require a muslin cloth. And whilst this is a luxurious and relaxing step, removing a full face of makeup with a muslin isn’t actually that helpful. The cloth ends up looking like a crime scene and it takes about 10 minutes to remove.


Thankfully, I was soon introduced to what may be my new favourite skincare brand – and with it, a step in my skincare routine that has changed the game for me: the Erno Laszlo makeup remover, officially known as the Firmarine Cleansing Oil.
The oily toner-esque liquid comes in a sea blue hue and in a reassuringly large tub.

Erno Laszlo is the facialist who found fame in New York as the facialist to none other than Audrey Hepburn.
Audrey famously said she owed her gorgeous complexion to Laszlo and since I’ve stopped using his products, I realise I might too.

Mr Laszlo is known for pioneering the double cleanse trend. But if you’re like me, and use the entire range it’s more of a triple cleanse. Starting with the makeup remover, a few swipes with a cotton pad will do what a muslin takes 10 minutes to do.

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This piece was initially meant to be just about this fantastic makeup remover, but just thinking about the other products is making me gush, so here we go.

After removing your makeup, 2 pumps of the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil: a completely non drying oil cleanser, will leave your skin squeaky clean but miraculously silky.

To be honest these two together are more than enough to guarantee skin perfection. But if you’re feeling like a full 360 experience, finish with the soap bar. I’m yet to find a soap bar that is non drying (sorry Clinique) and the Erno Phelityl Cleansing Bar is really as good as it gets. Swipe across wet skin and lather. This bar seemingly never runs out, and like all Laszlo products, is exceptional value for money.

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Finish with a moisturiser of choice; or if it’s night time, I implore you to try the Hydrotherapy Memory Sleep Mask, which is the most gorgeous pink jelly like mask, housed in a super chic black and white jar. This is the ultimate overnight skin plumper. Every night I use it I’m left with soft supple skin that looks completely resurfaced and more even.

With skincare routines tailored to your skin type and concerns, Erno Laszlo, is a must try.

As the saying goes ‘seeing is believing’ – and I am a wholehearted believer.

Jamila x


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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