Introducing… IGK’s Thirsty Girl – Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner

Cool Girl Hair is a timeless ideal. Even without describing it, I think you know what I mean – hair that falls just so, is perfectly somehow both soft ‘n’ shiny, yet texturised ‘n’ tousled, and most importantly, hair that is totally effortless, requiring no product or styling. After years of extensive research, I’ll go out on a limb and say that I don’t think this hair actually exists.

One brand that is undeniably Cool Girl is IGK. Once the property of girls in LA who love farmers markets and face masks, the brand has finally launched in the UK, which is top news for all of us Cool Girl wannabes. Even the packaging is evocative of a different kind of lifestyle. And the products are not only Cool, but they work, too.

IGK review

One product in particular which I think is fantastic is the Thirsty Girl. It’s a very surprising and innovative product – described as a leave in conditioner, but to me, it’s so much more.

For one thing, it comes in an aerosol can. For those of us prone to greasy, weighed down hair, this offers a beacon of hope. It isn’t like a hairspray or any traditional aerosol formula, though – it’s an extremely lightweight milk. Also, for those who assumed it would smell of coconut, the reality is so much better. It smells like Le Labo Santal 33, a well-known fragrance of Cool Girls everywhere.

IGK Thirsty girl review

I think the product is so light that it could probably work in dry hair, but I prefer to spray through while damp to ease the pain of air drying. It really does help minimise frizz, whilst never making hair look greasy or overloaded with product. Humidity and heat no longer have such a devastating effect. After using once, hair looks, quite simply, Cooler.


The magic doesn’t stop there, because this product is designed to have cumulative positive effects on your follicles. It contains everyone’s favourite skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid, which helps with moisture retention. The product is designed to coat the hair in order to hydrate, strengthen, and prevent future damage. It claims to protect hair from mysterious “pollutants,” which can only be a good thing. Plus, it has UV protection, which is actually secretly essential for colour treated hair.

IGK Thirsty

The final reason this is so essentially Cool Girl? It really is effortless. While you may not be #blessed with hair that naturally makes you look like a Nasty Gal model, with a spray of the IGK, you basically can be. Pretty Cool.

Annie x

IGK, Thirsty Girl, £28, SpaceNK


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