Backstage Beauty: Gucci Cruise 2019

Ah Gucci, how do I count the ways I love thee. With every collection Alessandro Michele gets better and better. Settling further into his stride, the Gucci creative director and indisputable king of Fashion, has further refined his eclectic aesthetic with the Gucci Cruise show.



This year, my all-time favourite boss-b Elizabeth I made an appearance in an off-the-shoulder tunic, David Bowie also seemed to arise in spirit, in kick flare pants and a bedazzled polo. As usual I wanted everything the boys had on and everything the girls rocked. Embellished granny knits, zebra print pants and Chateau Marmont emblazoned bags, yes, yes and yes please! What was different this season, was for the first time ever, I noticed the Beauty (v bad for a beauty business owner, but what can I say, it’s Gucci, I get distracted.)

This season, for Cruise, Michele shut down the catwalk and all rules of what seasons should and shouldn’t be, with one bold and glossy black lip. It was precise and so lacquered it was almost dipping. It gleamed amidst the pearls, the twinsets and oversized blazers. It stood out amongst all the Gucci; which if you watch the show (below) you will see is no mean feat.


In short it was divine – and a look I will be channelling from this Summer right through to next.

Jamila x

Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and Gucci

Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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