The Summer Essential: Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzer

Summer dreams are made of Guerlain. My first flush with the french powerhouse was in Spring 06 on a trip to see my Parisian bff. We wandered dow the Champs Elysees and stumbled upon the Guerlain Flagship. As we ascended the spiral staircase in what seemed like an old Maison, my love for all things French was sealed. Arriving on the top floor, light flooded through the french windows and all around were gorgeous perfumes in classic bottles. As a student on a budget, I wanted a keepsake to take away. The stunning bronzers instantly caught my eye, but I was convinced they wouldn’t have my shade. The lovely lady who I spoke to was aghast at the thought they wouldn’t and swiftly whipped out Terracotta 05. It was love.

Ever since, Guerlain has been my go to for bronzers (except for last year when I was knee-deep in the contour trend.) And seemingly, to celebrate my return to the Guerlain family, Guerlain have released the Terracotta Light: a seamless blend of blusher and their signature Terracotta bronzer.

Curiously, I was a little hesitant to try this. My usual motto is if it ain’t broke… so I was a little nervous that as I liberally doused myself, I’d end up as a rouge mess; but I was beyond impressed and pleasantly surprised.

The Terracotta Light has a gorgeous lightly perfumed scent that oozes luxury. The colour is subtle, but adds instant warmth and definition and the rosy blusher gives skin a necessary contrast and instant lift.

If this is like any of the other Terracottas, it will last for seasons, so don’t feel guilty in indulging in this summer essential.

Jamila x

Guerlain, Bronzers.


Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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