Introducing… Dior’s Lip Glow

In a world of Instagram lip art, glitter, and ombré, there’s something to be said for a low maintenance lip look. And while I’m a huge fan of a clear gloss or (gasp) just leaving them bare, sometimes there’s a need for a little something more. Something which looks like, your lips but better. Enter, Dior Lip Glow.

beauty review dior

I’m sure you’ll have heard of this type of product before – pH adjusters, designed to turn your lips their most flattering shade. Dior’s may not be the original, but in my opinion, it is most definitely the best. Here’s why.

Too many lip adjusters come in pink only, and for some people, pink lips end up looking more “Aunty” than “hot chick”. Dior has a whole bunch, and my favourite is Lilac. I know what you’re thinking, lilac lips sound anything but natural. But the shade is more a soft, cool-toned pink, like a faded wine mouth, or like you’ve recently been snogging.


There are other things which make this product special to me. One is the packaging, which is just so Dior. But the formula of the balm is wonderful too – it’s thick without feeling gloopy, moisturising without getting your hair stuck in it, and glossy without being … well, glossy. It feels expensive. It is expensive. But at least it feels it, too.

It also has one of the best lip product smells of all time. When I say vanilla and mint, you’ll think you know what I mean, but you don’t. This is vanilla and mint, but not as you know it. It’s so much better: sweet yet unsickly, minty yet untingly; the perfect balance.

dior lip glowdior lip glow blush reviewDior lip

Another fabulous facet of the product is it’s barely-there factor. To a pair of untrained eyes (straight males, usually) it looks like you’re not wearing lip product at all, and are just naturally pouty and flirty. Use this power to get things that you want. Or just enjoy being hot.

dior lip glow reviewlip-glow-review.jpgdior-review-blush-london.jpglip glow review

Annie x

Dior, Lip Glow, £26, John Lewis

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Fashion Journalist and Beauty Blogger from London

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